9 Places to Go on a Date With Your Escort

places to go on a date

How often do you think about sex?

We know the average joe clocks in about 34 sexual fantasies per day. Yet, this doesn’t mean your date ideas need to get centered around the act. Even if you hired the date in hopes of this exact reason.

Escorts get paid to go on a lot of dates, some good and some so bad they go on to write bestselling books about them. Why not plan something different to impress her and spark the romance?

Read on for the best places to go on a date with your escort.

1. Wine and Dine at a Swanky Hotel Bar

Choose a luxury hotel bar for its swanky digs, refined service, and impeccable cuisine. Most escorts choose to meet at a secure location, such as a hotel, anyway.

This way you’re appealing to her needs and impressing her with a fancy setting. The atmosphere is still casual enough that you’ll feel comfortable getting to know each other over dinner and drinks.

Be sure to read up on proper escort etiquette for how to treat your lady. It is a business deal, but you should still try your best to win her over. If she ends up liking you, you’ll only be a few floors away from a hotel room.

2. Entertain with Song and Dance

Give your escort a good reason to get glam and put on a gown. Take her to Broadway, the ballet, or the opera for an unforgettable night.

Local community theaters are also good places to go on a date. They often feature popular musicals that will put you both in a feel-good mood.

If you’re not much of a theater buff, try a couples dance class. Get sweaty with salsa or go classic with the ballroom technique.

You could also take her to a Jazz supper club. The soothing sounds of smooth jazz often rev a woman’s engine.

3. Get Wet

We’re talking about water sports here. Pick a sunny day and take your date to the ocean or lake. Go waterskiing, jetskiing, or kite-surfing.

You could also take surfing lessons, Or try paddle boarding or parasailing. These are fun and energetic activities that offer a serene setting for your date.

Lay on the beach afterward to relax and unwind. Have cocktails and canapes delivered right to your cabana.

4. Be One (Or Two) with Nature

Nature evokes happiness and health in our minds and bodies. So, grab your escort and head out for a breath of fresh air. Nature activities are simple date ideas that make lasting impressions.

Go for a hike or a nature walk. Pick a romantic spot that boasts views of a lake or mountains. Or be adventurous and rent canoes or kayaks for the day.

Looking to make it even more romantic? Pick a place that’s home to tons of local bed and breakfasts. You might get lucky and wake up to a home-cooked meal in bed, with your escort by your side.

5. Sweat It Out

When wondering where to go on a date, most people don’t think of a gym as being romantic. Yet, a couples fitness class boosts flexibility and endurance.

Exercising also mimics symptoms of arousal and attraction. Palms sweat, hearts race, and breaths become short. Science shows your brains can trick you into falling for each other because of this.

So, get sweaty with kickboxing, rock climbing, or even tantric yoga. But, here’s a tip…

Be sure to be upfront about physical attributes that interest you most. If planning for fitness-themed places to go on a date, you’ll want to hire an escort that lives a fit lifestyle. Before booking, view here to see the many different physiques and physical traits.

6. Game On

Find out which sport she fancies and score tickets to a game. Sporting events are fun places to go on a date and provide a lot of one-on-one time. All the action may even help you score.

This can be a major league game or a local college team. You can even watch the game at home and cook up a bunch of appetizers. If inviting friends over, be sure to first clear this with your escort.

7. Get Boozy at Brunch

Who doesn’t love a good Sunday brunch? With delicious breakfast dishes and bottomless bloody marys, your escort sure will.

To add in some romance, pick a restaurant with great ambiance. You’ll want nice views and good people watching. This will make the casual conversation flow better (as will the endless mimosas).

Or you could book a cooking class together. Learn how to make Monkey Bread, Crepes, or Red Velvet Pancakes. All the cooking will work up an appetite in the kitchen…and in the bedroom.

8. Make Her Laugh

Smiling and laughter are traits that make people attracted to one another. Since laughter can spur seduction, use this to your advantage. Take her to a comedy club to set the mood.

Hosting a game night is another of the top cute date ideas. Play a few rounds of crude board games to get her laughing. It may also help to get to know each other a little better.

Here are a few fun games to choose from:

  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Nasty Things
  • Drunk, Stoned, or Stupid
  • What Do You Meme?
  • What’s Yours Like?
  • Drawing Without Dignity

You may want to remove any playing cards that hint at paying for sex, or hookers. This is out of respect and to keep the mood enjoyable.

9. Take It to the Seas

You’re going to need to rent a boat for this one. Unless you already own one, in that case, hats off to you.

Show her your romantic side and plan a sunset cruise, for only you two. This can be on a sailboat if you’re skilled in captaining one. Or a speedboat or even a party pontoon boat.

Be sure to let her know beforehand if you plan to have extra guests on the party boat. Whatever your vessel, watching you in control of steering it will be a major turn on.

Places to Go on a Date That Will Ultimately Lead to Getting Laid

At the end of the day, great places to go on a date should lead to romance. But you should also put on the charm and act like a true gentleman.

Remember to treat the escort with respect, like you would any other date. Don’t always expect sex gets guaranteed. If she doesn’t like you, chances are you’re not getting lucky.

Read these stories to learn what NOT to do during a date with your escort. Be better than these guys and you should be all set.

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