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The Ultimate Men’s Guide to Achieving the Perfect Shave

the perfect shave

Facial hair trends come and go. But, if you’re one of the one’s that don’t buy into fads, you have a good relationship with your razor.

Chances are though, it could be better.

If you’ve ever walked out of the house with tiny toilet paper patch jobs, you know exactly what an imperfect shave looks (and feels) like.

But, what can you do? You’ve shaved every day of your life, so there’s no possible way you can improve. Right?

Wrong! There’s still a way for you to get the perfect shave. And this guide will tell you how.

Read on to get to ultimate low-down when it comes to shaving.

Tools of the Trade

What you’re shaving with is just as important as how you’re shaving. Check out these tools of the trade you’ll need for the perfect shave.

The Razor

A proper razor is pivotal to your shaving routine. After all, you can’t shave without a razor.

So, what makes a razor good?

It depends on the kind of razor you want. Generally, you’ve got three choices: a straight razor, a safety razor, and a disposable razor.

Straight Razor

This is the razor you picture in your head when you’re thinking of an old-timey barber shop. A straight razor has a single blade, and lasts for a long time with regular sharpening. The problem with straight razors is they take a lot of skill to use.

Cartridge Razor

Cartridge razors are convenient, but they’re not the greatest at shaving. They don’t provide a close shave and can cause irritations in the skin. They also need to be replaced regularly.

Safety Razor

There’s a reason why this razor is the most used razor around the world. Good, single blade razors will be adjustable, which will give you a customized shave that’ll prevent bumps and cuts. Read more here to find out more about the best safety razors.

Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is what gives your skin a cushy barrier between the razor and your face. So, it’s highly important you’re using a shaving cream that actually works.

Many shaving creams are packed with chemicals that give it a frothy appearance. Not only can these chemicals irritate your skin, they actually don’t provide enough of a barrier to protect your face. Look for creams that are more natural. Your skin will thank you for it.


This is the part that a lot of guys skip. Don’t be that guy.

Aftershave helps re-hydrate the skin when you’re through with shaving. A lot of aftershaves advertise a “fresh, cooling effect” but don’t fall for it. Those aftershaves probably contain menthol or alcohol, both of which will irritate your skin or even give you pimples.

And no one wants to shave over pimples.

The Method to Getting the Perfect Shave

Now that you’ve got your products in check, it’s time to shave!

First things first: the pre-shave.


Every piece of art starts with a blank canvas. Your face is no different

Before you shave, you need to start with a blank canvas, or a clean face. Use a mild soap with warm water to get rid of any dirt or oils that are lurking on your skin. The warm water will help to open your pores and soften your hair for a closer shave.

Simply lather and rinse. No need to repeat (unless your face is really dirty.)

The Shave

Now that your face is prepped, you can begin your shave.

Apply the Cream

Lather up your shaving cream, then apply it to your face. You don’t want too much or else you’ll end up looking like Santa Claus. Too little, and you won’t have a good barrier between your face and the blade.

Let it rest for a few minutes so that it can work its magic, then you can break out your razor.

Master the Blade

By this point, you’re rarin’ to go. But, you’ve got to hold your horses for this step.

Slow and steady wins the race, after all. So, shave with the grain in short and slow strokes. You’ll want to go at it from a 30 to a 45 degree angle for maximum contact.

Remember, you can’t be too pressed for time. If you go too fast and against the grain, you run the risk of yanking out the hair from the follicle. Picture getting your chest waxed, but on a micro-level. Not so pleasant, is it?

Rinse and Repeat

After you’ve made a few passes along your face, you’ve noticed by now your blade is picking up more foam than hair. Continuously rinse your blade as you shave to get rid of the excess build-up.

If you start to notice any areas that you missed, feel free to go over them again with your razor.

The Perfect Finish

Now that you shaved to your liking, put down the razor and pick up a towel. Rinse your face of the leftover suds, then gently dry off.

Wait a minute though, you’re not done yet!

Use your aftershave to re-hydrate your skin. Then, admire your job well done.

Congrats! You’ve successfully gotten the perfect shave!

What’s Next

If you’re feeling more confident in your shaving abilities, great! So, what are you waiting for? Set the mood with some top viewed music videos, and get started on that perfect shave.

Check us out for more tips on health and wellness.

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