Top 10 Reasons to Attend a Coding Camp

coding camp

Technology rules the world these days — there’s no doubt about it.

The question is, what are you doing to tap into this phenomenon? Perhaps it’s time to explore the world of coding.

That’s right. Coding.

Coding boot camps are all the rage right now. But why are so many people attending these software development camps? Can they truly help you to find a job?

Here’s a rundown on the top 10 reasons to attend a coding camp.

1. Join a Coding Camp If You Need Another Career Option

The stuff of science fiction — namely the rise of artificial intelligence — is quickly becoming a reality.

It may seem exciting on the surface, but it’s a little scary when you look at it in this way: Somebody is trying to come up with a way to eliminate your job and have a machine take your place.

Research shows that millions of jobs will end up being eradicated by technology over the next several years.

Now is an ideal time to learn to code — a job that does have a future in today’s tech-driven society.

2. You Need More Tech Skills

Let’s say you already have a tech background, but you’re having a hard time getting interviews.

Joining a coding camp is a great way to attain the extra tech skills you need — skills that will make your resume shine like never before.

The right skills will get you an interview and make you eligible to take a programmer assessment if your potential employer requires candidates to complete these tests. You can learn more about these assessments at the website of Codeassess, a company that offers such tests.

All in all, the coding skills you gain from a quality coding camp may help you to land a rewarding software development role.

3. You Need to Update Your Existing Programming Skills

You may have plenty of experience with supporting your company’s legacy system. But now the company is replacing this old system.

It’s time to freshen up your tech skills.

A coding boot camp can help you to learn the latest programming platforms and languages. In this way, you’ll be ready for whatever your company throws at you in the software area.

4. You’ll Get Hands-on Experience

Sure, you could learn to code from an online course you take individually at home. And yes, you could listen to a lecture on programming.

But it’s not the same as actually practicing coding skills in a hands-on way.

At a boot camp, you can immerse yourself in creating applications and websites.

The boot camp process will no doubt be challenging. But the results will astound you. Compared with traditional learning approaches, a boot camp is an efficient and effective way to pick up new tech skills and brush up on your existing ones.

5. You’re Ready for a Career Change

Hate your job? This may be reason enough for you to join a coding boot camp.

Maybe you’re grateful you have a job, but you simply feel unfulfilled and unchallenged in it. Don’t waste your time dreading going to work every day. Instead, do something about your situation by gaining some new coding skills.

What’s so great about coding is that it is challenging. After all, technology is constantly evolving and changing. As a result, your coding camp will stimulate you mentally as you learn brand-new technology both efficiently and quickly.

6. You’re Interested in Coding But Have No Background in It

You might have been interested in coding for a while now but had no clue how to go about learning it.

Some online resources allow you to learn how to code on your own. The problem with using these resources is that you probably don’t know exactly what you need to learn. Also, how will a future employer know that you mastered what the company requires you to have learned?

Online learning isn’t ideal if your work experience is limited or if you’re attempting to switch careers. You’ll likely study the incorrect information or have trouble understanding the underlying theories and concepts. In the end, you may not garner the respect you’d like to receive from a hiring manager.

A reputable boot camp will teach you what’s important to know in coding today. It’ll also offer personal mentoring and coaching to boot. You can’t beat that.

7. You Want to Better Understand Your Technical Colleagues

You might not be a technical professional, but maybe you work with people who are. Or maybe you oversee people who are. A coding camp is a great way to boost your skills so that you can better understand what they’re trying to tell you.

Also, many in-demand jobs today require people who can leverage project management, design, marketing or business skills. If you have one of these skill sets and add coding to the mix, you’ll give yourself a nice competitive advantage.

8. You Get a New Peer Community

A boot camp gives you the chance to develop a new community of peers.

You get to work together with other students on projects. So, it’s an excellent way to hone your interpersonal communication skills along with your technical skills.

Plus, your relationships don’t have to come to an end when the coding camp ends. You can maintain these friendships for life.

9. You Want to Strengthen Your Resume

Choosing a coding camp that has a solid reputation and a robust local network is paramount.

As we mentioned earlier, when you choose the right coding camp, you’ll eventually leave it with a new community, new skills, and new knowledge. But you’ll also have a highly regarded camp name to include on your resume. And that’s a big deal.

Your potential employers will most likely recognize the camp’s name and know that the camp yields high-quality graduates. This automatically makes you a shoe-in for interviews with these employers. And if you get a job offer, you may end up with a higher salary compared with someone else who did not go through the camp.

10. You Want to Learn Coding Quickly

What’s so wonderful about a coding camp is that it lasts just three or four months. That’s a lot shorter than a four-year computer science degree program and even a graduate school degree program.

Still, in this short period, you can easily learn the majority of the essential coding skills taught in a bachelor’s degree program. Talk about being efficient.

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