Top 5 Skateboard Tricks Even Beginners Can Nail

skateboard tricks

Skateboarding is difficult for a beginner. With so many professional skateboarders doing awesome tricks, there’s also a lot of pressure to be the best. But even Tony Hawk had to start somewhere.

As a beginner, your focus should be getting used to skating. Work on your balance and coordination. Make sure you can ride your board without falling off.

But in the meantime, you can work on simple tricks.

Sure, you may not be able to master a kickflip or a rail grind right now. But there are plenty of tricks that beginners can perfect.

Put on your skate shoes and grab your board. Here are 5 simple skateboard tricks all skateboarders can master.

1. Chinese Nollie

The Chinese Nollie, also called the Crack Nollie, is one of the most simple moves.

The Chinese Nollie might look like a cool trick, but it has an essential purpose: to jump over large cracks in the sidewalk, which is also why it’s called the Crack Nollie.

You approach a Chinese Nollie like a traditional Ollie. But when the board lifts up, give a little push forward. This gives the board a little bit of a bounce.

2. Bibelheimer

The bibelheimer is a great trick for those who are even struggling with an Ollie.

This isn’t a traditional trick but is a cool way to get on a board such as cruiser skateboards. But it will still open you up to the complexities of skateboarding tricks.

Grab the board on the nose, but make sure the board is on the opposite side with the wheels facing upward. Walk while turning the board at 180 degrees. This causes the board to bounce up on the wheels and start rolling.

3. Nollie Shove It

The Nollie Shove It is an introduction to the more intense Kickflip. By barely putting your foot on the nose, you’re causing the board to rotate under your feet.

All you have to do is move your foot to the nose and rotate it. Hop a little and land back on the board.

4. Boneless

Before you perfect the boneless on a halfpipe, do the boneless on the ground. Practicing a boneless helps you bounce off your foot and land perfectly on the board.

Start doing a boneless while stationary. Leave your back foot on the board with your front foot next to the board. Take your right hand and grab the right side of the board. Use your hand to move your board up.

Using the front foot that’s still on the ground, jump up and land on the board, now with both feet on the board.

5. Fakie Frontside 180

This is another introductory move to the Kickflip. When you master the Fakie and can pop your board, you can do the Fakie Frontside 180. Start by popping the board, twist your body, and land back on the board.

Practice These Beginner Skateboard Tricks

Skateboard tricks require you to jump, flip, and twist while landing perfectly on your board. When you start skating, you realize the pros make it look easy. This is intimidating for beginners.

Keep practicing these beginner tricks and you’ll be pro level in no time.

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