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Unique Urgent Care: 4 Crazy Stories of Why People Got Medical Attention

Sign outside the emergency room of a hospital

Chances are you or a loved one has been to urgent care or the ER before for something like a sprained ankle, a high fever, or a small cut. 

But have you ever had to go to the ER because you had a dangerous substance injected into your butt cheeks? What about attempting to use a lawnmower to trim hedges?

Probably not. But these and other crazy stories have happened and sent people straight to urgent care. 

Keep reading to learn about 4 of the strangest medical stories that really sent people running to the ER.

1. Butt Injections Gone Wrong

When administered by a licensed professional, butt injections are a safe method of adding a bit of size to your rear.

Similar to breast implants, doctors inject a type of filler (usually made of silicone) into the butt cheeks to change the shape, feel, and size of the butt.

The key words to remember here are “licensed professional.” As with any medical procedure, it’s unsafe to have just anyone injecting a foreign substance into your body.

But one woman ignored this tidbit of common sense and decided to have a stranger give her injections in a hotel room. Instead of using medical grade silicone, the man who gave her the injections bought industrial grade silicone from a hardware store.

The woman began to experience serious pain, oozing, and redness around the injection sites, which is what sent her to Urgent Care. Doctors had to immediately remove the dangerous industrial silicone that had become infected inside the woman’s rear-end. 

If she had not gone to the ER to have the dangerous substance removed, doctors believe that she could have become seriously ill and could have died from the foreign substance.

The takeaway here? Don’t have medical procedures done illegally by an unlicensed stranger in a hotel room.

2. Stuck in Love… Literally

Have you ever been so in love that you want to be with that person all the time? Perhaps you have, but we don’t think you literally want to be attached at all times.

But that’s exactly what happened to one couple. A young couple on a beach vacation decided to get a little frisky in the water.

As they began to have sexual intercourse, the man found that he was unable to extract his penis from his partner’s vagina. While that might sound like a dream come true, the couple was (rightfully) freaked out and in a bit of pain.

The couple had to make their way out of the water naked and completely stuck together. They made their way to a local urgent care where the woman was given an injection that forces the vagina to dilate.

After that, it was easy to withdraw the penis and for the couple to go back to their vacation.

So what happened?

Doctors believe that it was because of a phenomenon called “penis captivus”. During orgasm, the walls of the vagina contract. These contractions can sometimes “lock” around the penis, making it hard, or impossible in this case, for the penis to be withdrawn.

3. Use the Right Tools Please

Over 80,000 people end up in the ER every year because of lawnmower injuries. But most of those don’t really count as a crazy untold story of the ER: they occur because people run over their own foot or stick their hand where they really shouldn’t. 

However, this particular lawn mower story is definitely one for the books.

A man was out doing yard work with his lawnmower when he noticed that his hedges needed to be trimmed. Instead of heading to grab some clippers, he decided to attempt to lift the lawnmower up to the hedges and use that to do the trimming.

Obviously, this was the wrong move. The man couldn’t hold the mower up and he dropped it right on his lower torso and groin area. He had to rush to urgent care to get help for the large gashes made all over his stomach, abdomen, thighs, and groin.

The crazy part is that a passerby saw the man attempting to trim the hedges with the mower, thought to himself, “what a great idea!” and headed home to try it himself.

He did the same exact thing as the first man and had to be treated for the same injuries.

4. Parenting Help

Urgent care facilities can care for babies, children, adults, and the elderly alike. As MedNow Urgent Care says on their website, ERs and urgent care can also help with mental health problems like self-harm, eating disorders, and depression symptoms.

But one parent took this a little too far. A mom brought her young son in who was very sad and upset. She told the doctors that her son had not won an award that he wanted to win in school, and he was depressed.

She went on to say that she didn’t want to deal with the child and asked if a doctor or nurse could talk to him and help him get over the award issue.

While doctors do want to help, they aren’t there to parent your child for you.

Crazy Stories Are All in a Day’s Work at Urgent Care

There are hundreds of crazy stories about strange, gruesome, and funny ER incidents; there are even entire television shows dedicated to these odd happenings.

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