What to Look for When You’re Buying a Hookah

Hookahs have been around since the 15th century, however, they did not gain popularity until the 19th century.

Originally made in Egypt and the Middle East, hookahs have become a preferred substance to smoke.  

If you are interested in using a hookah, you will need to know what is required for smoking flavored tobacco. 

Continue reading to discover all of the things to consider when buying a hookah for the first time!

1. Modern or Traditional?

One of the first things that you will need to decide when selecting a hookah is what kind of style you prefer.

Modern hookahs are easy to find and come at an affordable price. They are much lighter than traditional options and are put together with screws for easy assembly. 

If you are interested in traditional hookah, you should expect it to be heavier and larger. Typically these types of the hookah are made with heavier metals, such as brass and copper. The most popular metal used for traditional hookahs is brass. 

Traditional hookahs tend to look like antiques and can be a great addition to a cigar room. Modern hookahs, however, are much easier to take apart for cleaning and have air-tight seals where the water is stored. 

Another difference between modern and traditional hookahs is the material that the bowl is made of. Modern hookahs use clay bowls, which unfortunately don’t conduct heat as well. 

2. What Materials Do You Need? 

Once you have decided on the style of your hookah you will have to consider all of the extra materials that are required.

Many people recommend getting brass pipes for hookahs because they are durable and don’t corrode. It is important to keep in mind, however, that brass can become dull over time. Regularly polishing the pipe can help keep it looking clean and fresh. 

Depending on the type of hookah you purchase, you may have to buy a hose for smoking the hookah. You can get customized ones that are a preferred color. On your hose, you will need a mouthpiece as well. You can find a variety of cheap mouthpieces that fit your needs easily online. 

It is best to not share mouthpieces, as sickness and germs can quickly spread. 

Another thing that your hookah will require is a cleaning solution. It is important to learn how to clean a hookah with the proper products. 

3. Select a Size

When buying a hookah you will have to decide on a size that is ideal for your setup.

As mentioned above, traditional hookahs tend to way more and come in a large size when compared to modern options. No matter what style you choose though, you will still have to determine the best height.

Most people recommend getting a hookah that is 28-32 inches tall. This height range will make it easy for a group to smoke and move areas. If you tend to travel a lot, getting a smaller hookah may be best suited for you. 

Depending on how many people you expect to use the hookah, you can even get larger options that work well on patios and outdoors. Some hookahs are so large that they can stand on their own from the floor. 

4. Set a Budget

Although buying a hookah isn’t the biggest purchase that you will ever make, it is still crucial that you give yourself a budget.

Hookahs come in a wide variety and sizes. Some are handmade and can easily cost more than a couple of hundred dollars. You should calculate an amount to spend on your hookah products so that you avoid overspending.

Buying the cheapest hookah, however, is also not recommended. Many times, if you can find a hookah for under $30 or so, it is cheaply made and can turn to junk quickly. 

Consider your needs when setting a budget and don’t forget that purchasing tobacco will also need to be factored in. 

5. Look for Defects

Buying a hookah online may seem like a convenient option, but not when you have to make a return because of defects.

You should highly consider going into a store to get a hookah. You can receive more help from a salesperson this way and have the opportunity to check the product for any damage or defects before purchase. 

Checking the bowl and head is important, there should be no opening where they connect to the hookah. Next, you should have a tray that holds the tobacco and a stem that connects to the water vase. 

Make sure that the vase gasket and release valve are properly working and that the hose can properly fit as well. In general, you want to keep an eye out for cracks and holes that don’t fully seal an area. 

6. Get Your Tobacco

It is important to know when buying hookah tobacco that it is not the same thing used in cigarettes.

Hookah tobacco can also be called shisha. Shisha is only a small portion of tobacco and the rest is made up of fruit flavors and honey or molasses. Some common flavors that people tend to get when smoking hookah are mint, coffee, and coconut. 

You can find practically any flavor that you want when smoking hookah. Always be sure to check local laws and comply with age limits when buying products! 

The Process of Buying a Hookah 

If you are considering buying a hookah there are a few things that you must take into consideration before making a final purchase. 

Depending on if you get a traditional or modern hookah, you may have a smaller set-up to work with. Many people that travel uses small and modern hookahs that are lightweight.

Traditional hookahs also have their advantages. Many of them are uniquely made and have a special look that will impress you and your friends. Always be safe when smoking hookah and follow local laws. 

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles on hookah trends and tips so that you can puff like a pro! 

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