Which is the World’s Most Expensive Limo? 10 Top Contenders

most expensive limo

Have you ever rode in a limo? Many people will never see the inside of a limo in their lives. Others may ride in a limo for special occasions, such as their high school prom or a wedding.

But no normal person will ever see the inside of the most extravagant limos in the world.

For those worth millions, they up their limo game. The standard limousine doesn’t cut in; instead, they find ways to make limos even more extravagant.

If you want an idea of the lifestyles of the rich and famous, take a look at these limos. Here are the 10 most luxurious limos in the world.

Continue reading and imagine taking a ride in the most expensive limo!

1. Aston Martin Lagonda Tarif

If you want to splurge a million, you can take a ride in the Aston Martin Lagonda Tarif. But this is what is called a “sports limousine.” Meaning, it doesn’t look anything like a limo. Rather, a sporty luxury vehicle.

This vehicle has a 5.9-liter V12 engine and can produce 540 HP. The top speed this limo can reach is 314kmph. This limo is ideal for the millionaires who are also speeding freaks.

2. Million Euro Mini

Would you spend $1.35 million on a Mini Cooper? That’s what Princess Regina Abdurazakova did. The Kazakhstan princess has the most expensive Mini Cooper in the world.

Big for a mini cooper, this vehicle has pink body paint and is decked out in Swarovski crystals. There’s also a three-inch crystal in the middle of all of the wheel rims. Each window film in the limo is made of pure gold.

3. The American Dream

If you were to show your American patriotism through a custom-made limo, how would you express your love for America? By making the most awesome limo, of course. That’s what car designer and collector Jay Ohrberg did.

Ohrberg custom-made a $4 million limo that’s nothing like any vehicle out there.

It’s the longest limo on the planet; it’s 100 feet in length and has 26 wheels.

Decked out with American flags all over the exterior, this limo represents the American dream.

4. Armor Horse Vault XXL

What do you get when you combine a luxurious limo with security features? You get the Armor Horse Vault, which is a luxury vehicle made for a battleground.

This limo is made of 40-grade steel. It can withstand firepower and is made with bullet-resistant glass.

But that doesn’t mean the inside is all serious business. The limo is equipped with six LCD screens, high tech sound system, a wet bar, and retractable stripper poles.

5. Maybach Laundalet

Back in the 1920’s, limos embodied the highest standard of elegance. This is what the Maybach Laundalet aspired for their recent model. This limo is based on the original Maybach model made in the 1920’s.

The granite inlays are flecked with gold, the interior is white leather, and the limo has a 612 HP bi-turbo V12 engine. This beauty costs well over $1 million.

6. Cadillac One

What limo is fit to hold a US president? Take it upon Cadillac to create the limo of the nation. The Cadillac One was crafted in 2009 to transport former U.S. president Barack Obama.

Cadillac limos are the basis of presidential transportation since multiple cars are required when transporting the nation’s leader. These limos are a mystery; they’re classified so no one knows the interior of one.

But these are probably the safest limos in the world. One limo contains oxygen masks, tear gas, guns, and ammo, fire equipment, and there’s even a rumor that the limo has a grenade launcher.

At $3 million, you understand the hefty security features. It’s also known each limo is equipped with several luxuries. But since the limo interior is classified, we will never know what they are.

7. Sultan of Brunei’s Rolls Royce Silver Spur Limo

The only limo more luxurious than one made for a US president is the one made for the Sultan of Brunei. And at $14 million, you better hope it’s one of the most luxurious vehicles in the world.

The limo’s exterior is made of pure 24-carat gold. We can only imagine what other luxuries exist in this limo.

The Sultan isn’t only boasting his limo. He has an extensive car collection. As a man who’s worth $20 billion, it’s not surprising he has one of the most decadent car collections in the world.

8. The Boeing 727 Limo

What’s the one way you can make a limo crazier than it already is? Making the limo into an airplane, of course. This is exactly what major aircraft manufacturer Boeing did.

All they did was remove the wings and mount its body onto a Mercedes bus chassis.

Unfortunately, the Boeing limo can’t fly. But it does hold 40 people and can reach speeds of 124 mph.

9. The Batmobile Limousine

If you were rich, what would you do with your money? Become Bruce Wayne? What other logical explanation is there?

Create a limousine designed for both a millionaire and a superhero.

In 2012, a Batman fan designed the Batmobile limo. At $4 million, this limo looks luxurious and can save the world. Don’t you wish the Toronto Airport Limousine offered this superhero ride?

10. Rolls Royce Phantom Limo

Rolls Royce is the epitome of luxury vehicles. When purchasing a Rolls Royce limo, even at $3.8 million, you can only expect pure elegance.

This limo has a 6.8 liter 432 HP v12 engine and bulletproof armor. This is why this limo only carries the most prestigious political leaders and CEOs.

Will You Ride In the Most Expensive Limo?

Limos are expensive, especially for the normal person.

So the most expensive limo obviously comes with its perks. Inside some of these crazy limos, you’ll find crazy luxuries meant for a party. On other limos, the crazy exterior is enough to wow a normal person.

Whether the limo was meant for a corporate mogul or a U.S. president, these limos are saved for the most prestigious figures in the world.

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