10 Facts About Addiction You Probably Didn’t Know

facts about addiction

Even though we may not notice it, addiction is all around us.

Many young people grow up with a certain perception of a drug addict they got from movies, books, or music. However, the reality is much different.

Addiction is a widespread problem affecting all types of people, from teenagers to business professionals. It’s important you fully understand it in order to protect yourself from succumbing to addiction.

That’s why we’re breaking down ten facts about addiction you may not know.

1. Addiction Isn’t Curable

Addiction is a chronic condition, meaning there’s no definite cure.

This is why members of Alcoholics Anonymous introduce themselves as alcoholics even after years of sobriety. A recovering addict must always be on guard, as relapse is a constant threat.

2. The Cause of Addiction is Unknown

That’s right – we don’t know the outright cause of addition. We can point to many contributing factors, but why humans are susceptible to it is a mystery.

3. Addiction is a Disease

Alcoholism was labeled a disease decades ago. Now, we consider all types of drug addiction a disease.

This is because addicts are just as susceptible to harm as they would be to things like cancer or diabetes.

4. Genes Can Effect Addiction

While the single cause of addiction is unknown, your genetic makeup could make you more prone to it.

Things like your ethnicity, gender and a history of mental disorders could put you at a higher risk of addiction. Many people with a history of addiction in their family have the problem themselves.

5. Addiction Isn’t Limited to Drugs

When many people think of addiction, they think of alcohol and drugs. In fact, it comes in many other forms.

People can become addicted to everything from shopping to gambling to playing video games.

6. There’s No Stereotypical Addict

Many people’s mental picture of an addict isn’t totally correct. Addiction isn’t limited to homeless people, criminals, or rebellious teenagers.

In fact, addition can affect anyone, from CEOs of companies to teachers to attorneys.

7. Addiction Recovery Can Be Fatal

For long-term addicts of hard drugs like alcohol or heroin, getting clean can be fatal if not done correctly.

This is because the withdrawal symptoms associated with recovery can be extremely dangerous. That’s why it’s important for addicts to seek help from places like Muse Treatment.

8. Animals Can Become Addicts Too

Yes, your pets can become addicted to drugs as well.

In fact, much of the information doctors and scientists know about addiction came from studies done on animals.

9. Babies Can Be Addicted to Drugs at Birth

It’s a sad circumstance, but if a woman is taking drugs while pregnant, there’s a chance the baby will be addicted to the drug at birth.

10. Prescription Drugs Can Be Just as Addictive

Drug addiction doesn’t only happen from cocaine or heroin use. Prescription painkillers can be just as dangerous.

This is part of the reason drug deaths in America are on the rise.

Use These Facts About Addiction to Protect Yourself

Staying informed about the dangers of substance abuse is a great way to understand the warning signs of an dependence. Remember these facts about addiction and you’ll be able to protect yourself and even spot addiction in a loved one.

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