10 Health Care Career Options For Those Who Love Helping People

Health Care Career Options

There is a wealth of joy to be found in helping others. While it may sound like an opinion, this statement is a validated fact. Statistics show that serving humankind can actually make you a happier person.

A study conducted by National Institutes of Health Employees demonstrated how giving to charities actually taps into parts of the brain associated with trust, pleasure, and social interaction.

Happiness doesn’t stop at donating either. Doing good makes us feel good. Perhaps that’s why so many people yearn for a job that makes a difference in the lives of others.

We want our lives and our actions to have some sense of meaning.

Explore these health care career options to discover how you can forge your way to a successful career by doing something that matters.

10 Health Care Career Options to Consider

Health care is a forever thriving industry. So long as there are people, there will always be a need for these services. Some require in-depth medical degrees, while others may be achieved by completing special training programs like those offered at Ultimate Medical Academy.

The list below is versatile, featuring opportunities for varying levels of education in order to provide a broad scope of options within the health care field.

1. Professional Caregiver

Being a professional caregiver is a very intimate job. You find yourself working closely with patients who can no longer care for themselves.

Caregivers are responsible for many crucial elements of a patient’s well-being, such as giving the patient the appropriate drugs, keeping family members in the loop of their loved one’s health, evaluating treatment effectiveness, reporting any recognizable issues, and managing side effects.

Professional caregivers see patients at some of their most vulnerable moments. It’s a job that is both challenging and rewarding. In some cases, you may be the only person that patient sees all day.

Your actions and your presence make a difference in lives every day. This job requires training, but you don’t need a medical degree in order to pursue it.

2. Physician Assistant

A physician assistant works alongside a licensed doctor or surgeon. In a few ways, their job is very similar. They are able to assist with surgeries, diagnose patient illnesses, develop and implement treatments, and even perform procedures.

This job is often an entry-level role for aspiring doctors still completing their education, as a physician’s assistant can only work under the supervision of a licensed surgeon or physician.

3. Pediatrician

Do you love children? If so, being a pediatrician might be your calling. This job requires a medical degree.

It specializes in the physical well-being and development of children ranging from infancy to young adulthood.

Like other types of doctors, pediatricians may have a specialty, such as oncology, neonatology, or even psychiatry. As you enter into the educational path for this career, you can explore various specialty options and choose the course that resonates best with your passions and skills.

4. Nurse Practitioner

Like Physician Assistants, nurse practitioners are able to perform many elements of a physician’s role. This includes physical exams, ordering and analyzing labs, writing prescriptions, authorizing treatments, and more.

The difference between a physician’s assistant and a nurse practitioner is the type and level of education. A nurse practitioner is a registered nurse who takes their education further.

They are also able to deliver primary care to patients.

5. Physical Therapist

Physician Therapists are a beacon of hope for many patients. They provide physical therapy programs to help reduce a patient’s physical limitations. These injuries may have been incurred through physical accidents, side effects of drugs or treatment, or neurological problems.

To become a physical therapist, you must earn a bachelor’s degree in a health field as well as complete a Physical Therapy Degree program and receive your licensing.

6. Psychiatrist

If you would rather help patients with emotional struggles rather than physical health issues, you may find yourself walking down the path of a psychiatrist.

A psychiatrist has a medical degree and is capable of evaluating the relationship between a patient’s mental and physical wellbeing. He or she treats the mind, body, and spirit in order to help heal their patients.

7. Veterinarian

Not all patients have two legs. Many of us have a soft spot for our animal friends. Becoming a veterinarian can give you a window of opportunity to change the lives of both pets and their owners.

Veterinarians are required to have degrees, just like regular doctors.

8. Nurse Midwife

Being a midwife isn’t a lost art. This job is still around and it’s quite lucrative. If you love children and you want to work with women of all ages, this may be the path for you.

Midwives have the same education as a registered nurse except they include a graduate degree in the practice of midwifery. They are not qualified to conduct surgeries, but they can handle normal pregnancies.

9. Speech-Language Pathologist

Language is humanity’s primary form of communication. A Speech-Language pathologist changes lives by helping people with speech difficulties do everything from communicating to performing basic functions like swallowing.

You create and carry out treatment plans while collaborating with patients and their families to care for the individual’s needs. This job requires a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s in Speech-Language Pathology, and the appropriate licensing and certification.

10. Orthodondist

Orthodontists give patients a smile they can be proud of as well as treating mouth and jaw issues that may impact the patient’s quality of life. It may not look glamorous, but many patients find self-confidence and renewed joy thanks o treatment provided by an orthodontist.

In order to become one, you must earn your Bachelor’s, attend dental school, and then undergo several years of training and residency.

Curious About Your Career Path?

If reading these various health care career options haven’t piqued your interest enough, keep exploring! Life is an adventure brimming with opportunities. Be brave and forge a new path, starting with a refreshing change of careers.

Our articles explore various industries, job types, skills, and trades to satiate your curiosity. Discover what the world has to offer. Read our work-life articles online.

Who knows? Maybe it will change your life.

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