10 Life-Changing Mobile Apps You Need to Download Today

It’s true what they say – there really is an app for everything. But, this can sometimes be more of a bad thing than a good thing. With so many mobile apps out there, how are you supposed to know which ones are the best? 

It’s not like you can just install every single personal finance app or follow all the fitness plans available to you. You have to take the time to find all the right apps that are best-suited to fit your unique needs. 

Here are 10 of the top mobile apps to choose from. They range from things like saving money to quitting smoking and learning new skills.

1. Acorns 

If you ever had a change jar or a piggy bank, you know how a little bit of change can significantly add up. But, it’s hard to save spare change when the majority of transactions are done via online purchases and credit/debit cards!

That’s why Acorns was created. 

Acorns take all of your card purchases and round them up to the nearest dollar. The difference in change between the actual cost of your purchase and the nearest dollar is put in a savings account. You can set up automatic deposits into your bank account once a certain goal has been reached.

2. Alarmy 

Time is more valuable than money, but it’s a little harder to keep track of, especially in the morning. If you’re the person who’s constantly clicking snooze and waiting until the very last second to get out of bed, you need Alarmy. 

This app doesn’t have a “snooze” option. Instead, the alarm will keep ringing until you’ve completed a random task the app has given you.

Tasks include everything from finding the answer to a math problem to taking a picture of your kitchen sink. They’re random and simple, but they get you moving and thinking. This makes it much harder to go back to bed. 

3. Kwit 

Here’s a task that is one of the more complicated things to do in life: quit smoking. 

Overcoming addiction is a hard, personal process. Thankfully, it can get easier with the help of Kwit. Kwit takes all the aspects of quitting and turns them into a bit of a game. With every day since giving up smoking or money saved that you would have spent on cigarettes, you earn points.

This encourages your internal motivations for quitting, helps you track all your progress, and keeps you focused on the long-term goal.

4. Headspace 

If you get a little cranky during your quitting process, download Headspace.

This is a tool that anyone can benefit from if they’re looking to be a little more relaxed. Headspace takes you through guided meditations of various lengths and styles to help you tune into yourself. It shows you how to block out thoughts that aren’t serving you and also work through deep emotions. 

The result is a happier, more focused and peaceful version of yourself. 

5. TwoFoods 

Headspace is the ultimate app for people who want to learn meditation. This practice makes you more conscious of the choices you make every day and how they’re connected to our thoughts. 

If you’re someone who struggles between healthy food and junk food choices, TwoFoods is the app for you. This app makes it super easy to compare the nutritional value of different foods and meals. It shows you the pros/cons of eating a salad or a pizza for dinner in terms of fats, carbs, proteins, and calories. 

This app is ideal for anyone who wants to lose weight, put on muscle, or simply maintain their figure. It’s great for pregnant mothers, athletes, and everyday people who just want to be a little healthier.

6. Epicurious 

Maybe your issue with food isn’t so much eating healthy, but cooking well. If you need to amp up your skills in the kitchen, download Epicurious. 

Epicurious is packed with all kinds of delicious, diverse meals. It’s an app that can teach you all the ins and outs of a certain kind of cuisine or teach you how to use one ingredient in various ways. It’s easy to search through different recipes and the directions for each one are simple to follow. 

7. Memrise 

Want to learn a new language instead of a new recipe? Memrise is the app for you!

Memrise turns complex concepts of foreign languages into simple, understandable pieces of information. Their short and sweet lesson plans give you new language skills as you progress in your learning. As you learn more and more, you can track your achievements compared to other students for even more motivation!

8. Elevate

For other skills and good habits that you may want to pick up, download Elevate. Elevate helps you identify your strongest skills and those that need a little bit of work. Then, it gives you all the tools you need to boost the skills that aren’t as strong. 

All the “lessons” you take are actually games. They may be competitive in nature, puzzles, or math problems to solve. But, they all aim to encourage your brain to think in a new, better way, depending on the skill you’re trying to build.

Who knows, your new and improved thought processes may lead you to create an app of your own! You don’t even need to learn coding or software building to do this; all you need is App Maker.

9. Pacifica

One skill that everyone could use more of is the ability to see the good in a situation. With Pacifica, you can learn how to develop a more positive mindset in your daily life and be happier. Not only does this app guide you toward more positive thinking, but it also shows you the patterns and habits you have that bring you down. 

10. F.lux

Last but not least, F.lux. Whether you’re trying to save money with Acorns or learn a new language with Memrise, you need to download F.lux right away. 

This app is all about making smartphone use easier. It’s a tool that allows you to adjust your screen settings to better suit the daytime, nighttime, and artificial lighting. Such small adjustments can do wonders for your wellbeing, especially if you’re someone who’s always on their phone.

Mobile Apps for Work and Play

No matter how many mobile apps you end up downloading, make sure each one serves its own purpose. There’s no sense in overwhelming yourself with 10 personal finance apps or 20 different games for your downtime. 

All you need to do is identify the apps that best suit your lifestyle and stick with those. If you’re looking for applications that will improve the way you work, click here.

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