The 10 Most Romantic Songs of Michael Jackson

Here are certain Michael Jackson’s romantic hits which you did not know that were actually romantics. Michael Jackson used to write his songs along with the music and instruments. His beatboxing helped him creating the finest masterpieces of art. He made love songs from each album he released throughout his career – from Rock With You to Break of Down, Michael didn’t leave any chance giving his fans a soft cuddle through his music.

Even we have seen his some romance in the biggest horror hit Thriller where he can be seen proposing a girl for engagement, before turning out to be a monster, and still, his cuteness couldn’t digest. In terms of The King of Pop music Billboard never settled down and still his songs somewhere are on HOT 100 charts.

Before counting down top 10 picks of MJ’s love songs here are some honorable mention from The Jacksons 5.

I’ll Be There (1970)
The Love You Save (1970)
Shake Your Body (1978)
Darling Dear (1970)
Give Love on Christmas Day (1970)

Check out 10 Most Romantic Songs of Michael Jackson:

1. The Girl Is Mine – 1982

Every night she walks right in my dreams
Since I met her from the start
I’m so proud I am the only one
Who is special in her heart
The girl is mine
The doggone girl is mine
I know she’s mine…

2. The Way You Make Me Feel – 1987

I never felt so in love before
Promise baby, you’ll love me forevermore
I swear I’m keepin’ you satisfied
‘Cause you’re the one for me
The way you make me feel…

3. PYT (Pretty Young Thing) – 1982

You know you, you make me feel so good inside
I always wanted a girl just like you
Such a P.Y.T., Pretty Young Thing…

4. Break of Down – 2001

Hold my hand, feel the touch of your body cling to mine
You and me, makin’ love all the way through another night
I remember you and I walking through the park at night
Kiss and touch, nothing much, let it blow just touch and go
Love me more, never leave me alone by house of love…

5. The Lady In My Life – 1982

So listen to my heart
Lay your body close to mine
Let me fill you with my dreams
I can make you feel alright
And baby through the years
Gonna love you more each day
So I promise you tonight
That you’ll always be the lady in my life…

6. Remember The Time – 1991

Do you remember the time
When we fell in love
Do you remember the time
When we first met girl
Do you remember the time
When we fell in love
Do you remember the time…

7. You Are Not Alone – 1995

Whisper three words and I’ll come runnin’
And I and girl you know that I’ll be there
I’ll be there

You are not alone
I am here with you…

8. I Just Can’t Stop Loving You – 1987

You know how I feel
This thing can’t go wrong
I’m so proud to say
I love you
Your love’s got me high
I long to get by
This time is forever
Love is the answer…

9. You Are My Life – 2001

You are the sun
You make me shine
Or more like the stars
That twinkle at night
You are the moon
That glows in my heart
You’re my daytime my nighttime
My world
You’re my life…

10. In the Closet – 1991

There is something
I have to say to you
If you promise you’ll
I cannot contain myself
When in your presence
I’m so humble
Touch me
Don’t hide our love
Woman to man….

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