15 Ways to Make Your New House Feel Like Home

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More than 61 percent of all moves occur between the months of May through September. Whether you’ve just moved or are planning to move in the next few months, you won’t be the only ones settling into a new house and neighborhood.

Moving is as exhilarating as it is unsettling–physically and emotionally. Once you sell your home, your family will feel a natural upheaval leaving the area and memories of your old place, but it’s important to think of all the memories you’ll be able to make in your new home!

We want to help your transition to your new house as seamless as possible! Make your new house into a home with our helpful tips!

1. Change Your Address

Update your address to make the transition easier. Movers are encouraged to change their address prior to the move so your mail, bills, and expenses are all set up and ready to go by the time that you move in.

Changing your address can also help you prepare, mentally, for the initial move. Updating your license and bills will begin establishing your connection for your future home.

2. Set Up Your Internet and Cable

Internet and cable should be among the first things on your list. Similar to changing your address, it’s recommended that these be set up early on in your move, within the first week at least.

Not only will this offer convenience, it can also help your family feel more connected. Find your new local news station, familiarize yourself when moving into a new home by putting on your favorite show or film, or simply ease unpacking by listening to your favorite artists!

In recent years, setting up the internet and cable isn’t as difficult as it was years ago. Setting up dish network in Boise and other large cities can be done within a day by scheduling an appointment.

3. Make a List of Priorities

Most of us don’t move with all the bits and bobs we need. Make a list of your priorities and start with the most important ones first.

For example, you may be in need of a bed upgrade. Buy a bed on the first day in your new place, or order it beforehand, so you have a comfy and cozy night to look forward to after what will be an exhausting moving day.

4. Pack an Essential Box

Speaking of the first day, it is highly encouraged to pack a box of essentials for the first day or week.

This box should include the right amount of plates, cutlery, bathroom essentials, medications, laptops, etc. When you’re packing an entire home, it’s easy for essential items can be lost, misplaced, or packed in the wrong spot. Avoid a potential inconvenience by setting your essentials aside and marking your box of essentials clearly.

Moving in is predominantly an all-day affair. Make your first day in your new house a little easier by anticipating what you’ll need for the night!

5. Organize, Organize, Organize

One of our favorite things about moving? The opportunity to transform your lifestyle and pick up some habits that you may have gotten lax with at your old house.

One of those habits is proper organization. Your new house gives you that chance to finally organize that linen closet the way you’ve always dreamed of, or finally get that bookshelf you’ve had your eye on.

Experiment with creative organization hacks and make the most of all of your space.

6. Play with Light

Did you opt for a new house with plenty of windows? Perhaps you chose a cozier, more modest model. Regardless of the design of your home, lighting can transform your home’s atmosphere and decor.

Direct sunlight may also cause some minor inconveniences. See how the sunlight moves across your house throughout the day to find the best places for televisions, computers, and other digital appliances that may be affected by direct sunlight.

Consider how you’d like to feel in your new home and research the best lighting fixtures that can help you achieve the decor you’re searching for.

7. Explore Your Favorite Style

Speaking of decor, moving into a new house provides an incredible opportunity to transform your style. Are you drawn to the minimalist style of today’s homes or have you always longed for cozy sectionals and a thick rug?

Regardless of what your vision is, purchase your furniture with your preferred design style in mind. Websites like This Old House and Apartment Therapy have inspiring decorating ideas that will have your itching to look for more furniture and experiment with new ideas!

8. Check Out the Local Haunts

Once you’ve unpacked, it’s time to explore your new neighborhood. Find your nearest grocery and convenience store to begin and then you can begin looking for the nearest restaurants and bars.

Yelp is a great tool to see the top-rated local spots, check reviews, and browse menus and photos.

Mingling with the locals will help you get a better feel for the neighborhood and you may meet some potential new friends!

9. Meet the Neighbors

Don’t be shy! Moving is a daunting experience and establishing yourself in the neighborhood, even more so. Swallow your nerves and the temptation of isolation in your new neighborhood. Don’t be afraid to knock on your neighbor’s door to introduce yourself.

Most neighbors are more than happy to welcome you to the area! Getting to know your neighbors is a crucial part of feeling at home in a new area. Your neighbors can provide recommendations, neighborhood quirks that come with living in an area for a long time, and potentially introduce you to new people.

If you have children, it’s also encouraged to meet other parents, couples, and introduce your kids to any pint-sized neighbors as well.

10. Meet Digital Neighbors As Well

Social media has connected more than just long-distance friends but new neighbors as well. Today, neighborhoods, tight-knit streets, and apartment buildings will often a house a private Facebook group or chat where neighbors can connect, introduce themselves, and discuss upcoming events with the group.

When you meet your neighbors, ask if there’s a group you can be added to!

11. Use Your Personal Network

Odds are, once you tell close friends or family that you’re moving to a new city they will tell you all about a sister, old college friend, or ex-roommate that moved there.

If you have a trusted close friend or family member, ask for that person’s contact information and grab lunch! Having a personal connection in the city will definitely make you feel more secure. Knowing you have someone to call if boredom strikes, company is needed, or in an emergency is always encouraged.

12. Host for the Holidays

The best part of moving to a new city? Being able to have family and friends visit. If you end up moving in the popular months between May and September, you should be settled by November and December.

Consider hosting holiday festivities at your place. Invite family, friends, as well as the neighbors. The festivities can also serve as a housewarming to meet some new neighbors and show your family and friends your new house.

13. Don’t Forget the Rules

Depending on the neighborhood, a new house can mean a few rules you may not be used to. If you’re joining an HOA, familiarize yourself with the rules and avoid breaking them.

Some HOAs can be very particular about the lawn, brightly painted shutters, lawn ornaments, etc. Don’t make a rookie mistake and break a rule. Make a great first impression, follow the rules, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact your HOA representative.

14. Go for a Walk

This may sound like a simple way to spend an afternoon, but it can be incredibly beneficial if you’re moving to a new area.

A walk after a long day of unpacking will not only you get you out of the house, but give you a chance to explore the area, discover local restaurants and bars, and get a feel for the neighborhood.

15. Moving to a New City? Be a Tourist

If you’re not moving down the street or across town, become a tourist. Ignore the stigma of being a tourist and embrace it.

Cities, especially big ones, can offer a buffet of exciting attractions, museums, and history that’s just waiting to be explored. Put on your ball cap, grab your fanny pack (trust us, they’re in style again), and take a walk with the actual tourists.

Explore some of the city’s most beloved places and fall in love with your new home.

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A new house is a fresh start. A new neighborhood, new city, maybe even a new state is a great chance to turn a new leaf and try something different.

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