Moving to a New City: Essential Tips to Follow for Easy Relocation

moving to a new city

There are many reasons why you might be moving to a new city. You may have just been relocated by a company, gotten a new job, or are simply looking for a fresh start. Whatever the reason may be, moving to a new city can incredibly exciting but overwhelming.

Making a checklist guarantees the moving process will be easier and less stressful. You won’t forget anything and will be prepared to anticipate challenges. With so many things to consider though, making a checklist can be hard in itself.

If you’re moving in the near future and would like to learn some relocation tips, follow along! We’ll give you the low-down on all things moving related so you have a pleasant and exciting experience moving to your new home.

Tips For Moving To A New City

1. Visit If Possible

It’s always great to get a feel for a place before you move there. Understanding the atmosphere can give you a sense of whether or not the city will be a good fit for you. If you have friends who currently live where you’re planning to move, give them a call and ask if you can crash.

2. Do Your Research

This tip is especially important if you cannot visit the city before the move. Researching different areas of the city, where grocery stores are located, crime rates, etc. can give you a feel for what life will be like once you move. It will also prepare you to find good areas where you could live and socialize.

3. Find A House or Apartment

Having a place lined up before moving is always the way to go. You never know how long it’ll take to find a place to live that you like and that is close to everything you need to live comfortably.

Take your time to research the areas you’d like to live in. If you have a family, make sure you know where the nearest hospital and dentist’s office are, as well as schools, vets, grocery stores, malls, and parks. Make a list of every essential you need to live comfortably and consider buying a personalized, move-in ready home like those from Villa World. If you live alone, research roommate and sublet opportunities to cut your costs and build up your savings.

4. Budget Spreadsheet

While you’re researching, make sure you look up the cost of living in that area. This tip is made easier if you already have an apartment lined up and know whether you’ll be taking public transport or leasing a car.

Make a spreadsheet of everything you expect to spend on per month including rent, utilities, transportation, food, and entertainment. Don’t be one of those people who is taken by surprise by the price hike cities have on food, clothes, transportation, and leisure activities.

5. Build Up Savings

Once you’ve established what your budget might look like, make sure you have enough savings to cover at least six months of expenses. This is especially important if you don’t have a job lined up. If you do, it never hurts to be prepared for emergencies and unexpected expenses.

6. Build A Network

If you have friends you haven’t talked to in years that live in your new city, don’t be afraid to contact them! More likely than not, they will be happy to hear from you and show you around. Having a network of friends can be incredibly helpful for moves. They serve as a helping hand, a mutual support system, and can be a bucket of laughs.

If you don’t have friends, find facebook groups of people who are newly moving to the city. Larger cities typically have these. People meet and talk before moving to establish at least a couple of friendships in the new place. This can also be a great place to find roommates, by the way!

7. Do A Spring Cleaning… Times Ten

Before packing up all your stuff in boxes, get rid of unnecessary possessions! Do you have old shampoo bottles from 2006 that you haven’t used but stocked up on in the past? Throw them out! Realistically, the cost of moving them will be more than what it cost you to buy them in the first place, so be economical and clean out your drawers, closets, pantry, and desks.

8. Hire A Moving Service

Which moving service you choose depends on how far the move is, what you’re planning on taking with you, and your budget. If you’re not going too far, consider getting a small U-Haul trailer to attach to your car. If, however, you’re planning on moving large furniture or have a lot of belongings, hire either a truck service or a box service. Figure out the costs for each and which would be better for your budget.

Whatever option you choose, make sure you use a reputable and insured moving company. There are various insurance options to choose from, so never move without one!

9. Make Travel Arrangements Early

If your job has a strict starting date, or you’re planning on moving to your new apartment on the first of the month, make sure you allow yourself enough time to make the proper travel arrangements. This not only includes the drive or flight over to the new city but the amount of time it will take the movers to pack your belongings and transport them to the new city.

You don’t want to get stuck in an empty apartment waiting two weeks for your belongings to arrive. Plan ahead of time and allow a few days of error!

10. Manage The Transition Well

When moving to a new city, make sure you realize you’re leaving something behind. Don’t just leave and think there will be no consequences. Make sure you have canceled your utility services in your old home and have paid off the necessary rent. Don’t incur unnecessary expenses by simply being forgetful.

Wrapping Up

Moving to a new city can be the start of an amazing adventure. The friends you’ll meet, the career you will build, and the life you will lead will all pale in comparison to the stress of moving there in the first place.

Take moving as an opportunity to clean out your life and start fresh, but do it responsibly! Follow our tips to ensure you won’t forget something, waste money, or run into surprises.

If you enjoyed this list and would like to learn more travel tips, don’t hesitate to check out our other content!

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