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15 Weird Websites You’ve Never Seen But Have to Visit

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It is the longest word in the English Dictionary and was created as a joke. One night, a group of drunken Eton College students chained together five Latin words, all of which loosely, or directly, translate to nothing.

It is a complex word used to indicate something silly. A trifle, as it were. In fact, a trifle is the literal definition of one of the five words used to create Floccinaucinihilipilification (Pronounced, Flossy-Nossy-Neh-Hill-i-Pill-i-Fication).

It is amazing how much we as humans enjoy silly little tidbits of meaningless nothings. People will sit around for hours perusing the internet to find the weirdest website they can.

Here, we have combed the web for the 15 strangest sites we could find. We have cut out the hardest part of your search for the unusual so you can get straight to the fun part: Hilarity and time consumption

Read on to find out what’s actually on the World Wide Wierd:

ZoomQuilt 2

ZoomQuilt 2 is an infinitely zooming painting of incredibly trippy artwork. It is like The Song That Never Ends, but with visuals, and oh yes, it does go on and on, my friends.

The original concept is the brainchild of Nikolaus Baumgarten. The first ZoomQuilt was created in 2004. This second incarnation was published in 2007. For those of you who really enjoy the creative graphics, there is even an Infinite Zoom wallpaper for Android phones.

The ZoomQuilt artwork is trippy, and yet, somehow beautiful at the same time. There are a number of nods to pop culture, but the artists make fun of it more than embrace it.

Ever been morbidly curious about what would happen if a nuclear bomb went off… anywhere? is a very odd website that is the answer to that burning question.

You pick the settings, including a city and missile yield, then click the big red Detonate button. The website uses GoogleMaps to show which regions would be affected in your chosen scenario. It is all a little too realistic.

While it definitely qualifies as one of the weirdest websites we have seen, Nuclear Secrecy doubles as one of the scariest websites we have found.

Something Store

You send the Something Store $10 and they send you “something” back. It is a completely random something.

A lot of the items sent are unique, like a pair of handwoven Peru earrings. Some are pretty expensive looking. Recently a drum set was sent to a customer in Illinois. Others are quite dull.

As with everything, there are restrictions, but they are reasonable. The something store will not send any illegal goods, pornography or body parts. What?! Seriously! It’s on the list.

Nobody Here

Nobody Here is the stream of consciousness come to life. There is no better way to explain it.

Every click takes you deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of a creative thinker’s mind. It is a place you can easily get lost in.

The pages are a mix of art and poetry. Some of the images are interactive, others static. All are strange.

It is a truly unique experience you will not want to miss.

How Many Goats

It is time to get philosophical. There comes a time in everyone’s life when they have to ask the age-old question, “How many goats am I really worth?”

In response to this question, really rams it home. Ha! That was bad.

After answering a series of well thought out questions, this odd website spits out a number between one and ten that equals your worth in goats.

So… How many goats are you worth?

This weird site explains the Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein in words with four letters or less… And it actually makes sense.

The author, Brian Raiter, does go the long way to get explain the elaborate theory, but it is well worth the read.

Don’t just stop, there. Go ahead and explore the other links at the bottom of for some fun stories and puzzles. It is a pretty education site, all things told.

Feed the Head

It is a giant blue head.

To start with you can interact with the eyeball, the nose, the ear, the forehead and the top of the head… At least as far as we can tell that is all you can poke at. There may be other secrets we have yet to find.

There really is no telling what will happen depending on what you click and when. So don’t be afraid to experiment.

To progress, click on different parts of the head. Sometimes you will need to pick items up and use them to interact with other parts of the head. The scene will change based on your actions and how you manipulate the environment.

Feed the head is a strange website with a deceptively elaborate design. It is both a piece of art and a video game all rolled into one. It is also one of the weirdest websites you will ever have the pleasure of visiting.


If you do not speak Japanese, you may have to translate the page, but it is so worth it! Each of the links on the left-hand side is a bizarre Point-and-Click game from the Escape genre that will blow your mind. These games are both hilarious and challenging.

Beware the Panda. He will kill you every time and then he will laugh. The evil bear always comes up when you least expect him and may even appear to help.

Don’t be fooled! He is not helping!

The other characters are nutty, to the say the least. One game features a man who wears a cushion on his head and pops up like a Whack-a-Mole. No real reason why. These things just happen in Detarou Land.

Find the Invisible Cow

Find the Invisible Cow is a lot like the game Hot-Cold. You know the one. Someone searches for a hidden object while someone else runs behind obnoxiously yelling hot or cold based on the seeker’s proximity to the object.

The primary difference here is it is the object making the annoying clatter. And it moos.

A lot.

The closer you get to the cow, the louder and more desperate the cow becomes. The more cows you find, the more points you gain. Eventually, you can unlock other invisible animals.

Happy Seeking.


Neave.TV is a really bizarre website. It continuously streams random YouTube Videos, bouncing haphazardly from channel to channel.

Some videos are troubling. Some are funny. All are unique.

From Giraffes singing Marvin Gaye’s Let’s get it on to cats wearing masks and making funny faces to techno music. You never know what you will see next.

It’s a lot like watching a live action version of Robot Chicken. is another weird website to visit. It is like a retro alternate dimension to someone else’s crappy computer. When you first arrive, the website even mimics the Windows 93 Bootup process.

Once “booted,” you are presented with several program icons, all of which are clickable. Most, if not all, are based on old computer applications like Solitare, Minesweeper, and Paint.

Spoiler Alert: BrianSweeper, the Minesweeper equivalent, may be rigged. Every time we clicked to reveal a space, we were blown to smithereens by a mine. We calling Shinanigans!

All of the icons are clickable. So enjoy exploring the site. No telling what you will find.

The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement

The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, also known as VHEMT, encourages people to stop breeding in an effort to phase out the human race.

While humor is definitely one of the site’s strong suits, they are quite serious according to their FAQ. The weirdness of this site intensifies when you scroll down to the bottom and watch the videos.

These guys are not revolutionists or extremists. They are more wait-and-seeists. VHEMT has no intention of speeding along what they see as the inevitable destruction of the human race, but they aren’t going to clutter up the gene pool while they wait either.

9 Eyes

9 Eyes is a collection of the pictures from what appear to be hidden street cameras. It is a little unclear what this strange site is exactly, to be honest.

The images range from people at gunpoint to street fights, to storms. One picture shows a man handcuffed, face down in a police truck with an armed police officer guarding him.

Wrecks, storms, dying cows. You name it, there is probably a picture of it on this weird site.

Point your Pointer

Ever have one of those days where you just can’t seem to find your pointer? Every time you turn around it has moved off into that weird limbo place and poof! Be gone.

Point Your Pointer is an odd website that uses random pictures of people pointing to point you to where your pointer is currently located.

It is really kind of cool the way it works. No matter how many times you try, the site always finds your pointer and it always has a picture that points to it. introduces you to completely inane websites. With the click of a button, you are linked to a page that makes no sense.

When you arrive at the, you are greeted with a screen that says, “Take me to another useless website, Please.” Please is on the button you click to move on to the next absurdity.

It has this weird way of making you feel polite.

We loved all the oddities we found but were disappointed more was not of a higher quality. The taboo has all but become mainstream, so we don’t think it is too much to ask for primo strange.

Perhaps someone could partner with a unique website developer like the Youngstown Website Company to develop something truly interesting. We can’t wait for the day.

Where to Find More of the Weirdest Websites on the Web

Obviously, you can keep clicking through to find more fringe websites, but if you made it this far and still have a craving for the bizarre, check out some of our other articles.

We have everything from 10 Michael Jackson statues from Around the World to the Truth behind popular children’s song lyrics. Or if you would like a daily diet of our flavor of strange, grab our RSS Link!

In the meantime, leave us a comment below and tell us about the weirdest websites you have found.

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