What are the Top Ten Interior Lighting Trends to Watch Out For This Year?

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Upgrading light fixtures is an easy and relatively affordable way to enhance your decor. In fact, interior lighting is integral to your home’s design. They can be bold or subtle statement pieces. The lighting sets the mood for the room.

Depending on your taste, the lighting trends for 2018 satisfy many tastes, from vintage, Mid-century Modern, Art Deco, and so on.

1. Soft Gold Hues

Soft colors go in and out of favor. The popularity has returned for lighting trends in 2018. Soft gold complements popular colors like grey and greige (a combination of gray and beige).

A soft gold falls in between brushed gold and brushed silver, and has a matte finish to bring out the warmth. This shade blends with just about anything, from modern decor to farmhouse and urban.

To incorporate soft gold interior lighting designs into your home, look for overhead lighting fixtures that accentuate the gold. Also look for fixtures that complement other soft colors like matte silver and grey.

2. Refined Retro and Rustic Industrial Styles

When you think industrial, you think rustic metal. Industrial has long been filled with neutral colors and metallic finishes. This year, retro interior lighting design is making a comeback (again), with an industrial twist.

If you look at modern industrial lighting, there are some stark differences to what you know as traditional industrial. The word we would use is ”upgraded industrial” or just modern retro.

Instead of the old warehouse style, you’ll now see sleeker metal with richer tones and sophisticated designs. Pieces look more like art pieces from a modern art museum.

Modern retro lighting adds a creative twist to kitchens and work areas like studios or other workspaces in the home. They can be strategically placed wall lighting in those same areas. It’s no longer considered an “unfinished” style with a raw look.

3. Edison-Style Bulbs, Retro-Vintage Lighting Trends

The retro look takes another form here, with vintage, Edison-style light bulbs to continue with the nostalgic, retro lighting trend.

The rounded shape makes the bulbs comfortable and attractive for livings rooms and kitchen. You can even purchase Edison-style bulbs for LED lighting. For more authenticity, you can stay with the lesser expensive incandescent Edison bulbs.

The Edison bulbs enhance the retro-industrial style. They add warmth to industrial pieces. To go all the way, you can get a system of lights featuring the Edison bulbs, like a chandelier or row of connected lights for your kitchen.

4. Art Deco and Mid-century Modern

As more Art Deco and mid-century designs have gained popularity, lighting has followed suit. You can now find more fixtures in these nostalgic styles from the early century.

Lighting goes beyond the well-known sputnik chandelier. Though, it is an excellent example of the clean lines and sparse form that make lighting and other pieces more like forms of art.

Add some mid-century modern lighting, and you have a merging of natural shapes with a smart, functional form and appealing aesthetics.

Art Deco is all about artful lighting. Use an overhead art deco fixture add geometric design to a space. For 2018, the mid-century lighting has a laid-back feel. Got that route if you want something less formal.

5. Minimalism

Modern decor emphasizes clean forms, including lighting. The more ornate metalwork is for older styles. For 2018, homeowners are going for low-profile fixtures with soft, neutral colors and simple designs.

You can achieve the looks by adding “clean lighting” to a space. Better yet, use it as a statement piece, either overhead or as an accent.

6. LED Lighting

More homeowners are changing to LED lighting because it’s more efficient and eco-friendly than incandescent bulbs. LEDs last much longer and use less electricity to run.

Fortunately, LEDs are available in more styles and colors than ever before. No matter which style you choose for your decor and light fixtures, you’ll be able to find complementary LED bulbs.

Their purchase price is high, though adding LEDs at the same time you install your lighting is a great way to convert your home a little at a time.

7. Create a “Wow” Factor

Homeowners are embracing the idea of a larger lighting fixture for specific areas of the house. The goal is to create a centerpiece or focal point for the room. Here is where we depart from the soft colors and minimalistic trends and go for bold.

Some pieces feature ornate designs that draw your attention to it. For example, a large pendant lighting fixture over your kitchen island or foyer will serve as a centerpiece in and of itself.

You can balance the room by adding smaller fixtures around it. A gorgeous example for your dining room are these crystal ceiling lights, featuring an elegant chandelier with a modern raindrop design.

8. Speaking of Chandeliers

The chandelier is reclaiming its distinguished reputation for elegance in any decor. In 2018, we are seeing contemporary styles making their way into homes.

No matter which design you are following, modern industrial retro, art-decor, or minimalist, there is a chandelier out there for you.

Hygge Chandeliers

Pronounced “hue-gah,” the focus of this Scandinavian trend is focused on comfort. Think shag rugs, candles, and a warm glow. The effect is a cozy space.

The lighting can transform this decor into something genuinely inviting. For lighting, you’ll find many designs from modern to rustic, all featuring a candelabra chandelier to tie it all together.

Lagom Chandeliers

A design influence from the Danish, Lagon is a minimalist approach that emphasizes on “just the right amount” of quiet pieces to complete a room.

With regards to chandeliers, your selections will be sleek and proportionate to the space. Pendant lighting is a good example.

Brass, Copper, and Iron Chandeliers

Whether the metal is burnished, aged, or polished, a chandelier made of brass, copper, or iron complements any of the decors emerging in 2018. Brass can perfect the vintage look perfectly.

Make an elegant statement with satin copper fixtures, or present the simple beauty of raw copper. Black iron frames add masculinity and definition to a room. It’s ideal for several designs, including minimalism, hygge, and Lagom.

9. Accent Lamps

Now that we have covered the bold, authoritative chandelier, let’s not forget the more demure, accent lighting. There are trending light fixtures in this category as well for 2018.

White Dome Lamps

Simple yet eye-catching, white dome lamps are popping up in a variety of shapes and prices. Monochromatic and solid, they are perfect for just about any desk and any modern decor.

Cylinder Pendants

Globes are out, and cylinder pendants are in. Pendants have become popular light fixtures. Any pendant design is perfect to illuminate side tables or night tables.

Replacing table lamps with hanging cylinder pendants frees up the table tops and enhances the minimalist look.

10. Illuminate Drawers and Cabinets

In 2018, we are seeing interior lighting inside drawers and cabinets. No more late-night snacking in the dark. By adding a light inside these spaces, you have the same convenience in your cabinets as you do the refrigerator.

That is, when you open a cabinet or drawer, the light inside turns on. Close it, and the light turns off.

Go Forward With Your Own Style

Textures, lighting, and complementary colors come together when it comes to interior design. Which light fixture to choose? All these lighting trends fit more than one style.

Go with the one that speaks to you. The best lighting design is that one that stands out in your eyes.

If you’d like to see more article about interior design, please contact us.

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