4 Things You Need for Any Tailgate Party

tailgate party

Are you counting down the days until football season starts up again? While others are planning summer getaways, you may be saving your money for the best time of the year.

But watching the game is only half the fun. Tailgating has become a huge event in itself. In fact, over 20 million Americans tailgate every year!

If this is your first time hitting a giant pre-game tailgate party, you’ll need to have the right packing list. Forgetting one key element could make your tailgate a dud.

Do you want to know more? Keep reading to discover 4 things you need for any tailgate party.

1. Lots of Booze and Food

Nothing goes better with football (or any sport for that matter) than an ice-cold beer and greasy food.

When you create your list of tailgating essentials, the first thing you should do is plan your food. Burgers and steaks are both popular options for tailgates, but the options are endless. You may choose to make anything as luxurious as surf and turf to anything as simple as a cold sandwich. Make sure to follow one of the best tailgating tips and do the prep work at home.

Don’t forget to make a beer list too! You’ll want to jam your cooler (or coolers) with as much beer as you can. Let’s face it – you can never bring too much beer to a tailgate party.

2. A Grill

Once you decide what food you want to bring, you’ll need to choose the perfect cooking appliance to do the job.

While some people bring ovens or cooktops, grills are the best option. They’re easier because you won’t have to worry about bringing a generator to power them. They create that delectable scent of cooking meat that everyone loves at a tailgate.

3. An Awning

Just because football is a fall sport, doesn’t mean it won’t be hot! An awning is a perfect way to create enough shade to cool your area down without being as cumbersome as a tent.

They attach right to your car and fold out so there is plenty of support. Some even come with mosquito netting to keep all the critters away from your food. There are tons of different awning types and brands to choose from, but some of the best are the sold through 4WD Supercentre.

4. Foldable Chairs

Alright, now that you have an awning to cool your tailgate party down, you’ll need the perfect chairs to enjoy the day.

Foldable chairs are a great option because they take up less room in your car. But, don’t just get any foldable chair. One of the most important tailgating essentials are comfortable, high-quality chairs that come with armrest cupholders, so your beer can go where ever you go.

What to Bring to a Tailgate Party

If you’re planning to attend your first tailgate party this football season, you may want to start the preparations early. There’s a lot of things you’ll need to pack, but the most important things to remember are the food, alcohol, grill, awning, and chairs.

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