5 Brilliant Ways to Use a Vacuum Sealer

With food prices rising, it makes sense to get the most out of your grocery budget. One great way to do that is to buy food in bulk, then repackage it at home using a vacuum sealer.

The same goes for in-season fruits and vegetables; if you love strawberries or peaches, why not stock up and freeze them to enjoy all year ’round?

Your food sealer can do so much more than just keep your food fresh, however! Check out some clever uses for this handy little appliance.

Make Traveling a Snap

Have you ever gone on vacation and unpacked your bags, only to discover that shampoo, body wash, or other personal care products have leaked all over your clothing? Eliminate this possibility by sealing up containers of any liquid items for safekeeping during your flight or drive.

A food sealer can also help you pack clothes more efficiently so that they will take up less room. Place a day’s worth of clothing into a sealer bag, activate the vacuum, and voila!

Removing excess air from your shirts, shorts, and dresses means that you can pack a couple of just-in-case outfits and still have room to spare.

Create Lifesaving First Aid Kits

First aid kits can be lifesavers, but the kind you buy that are already pre-made can be expensive. A sealer lets you customize the first aid items you are likely to use, and keeps it all together in a compact, easy-to-stash group.

Instead of spending your hard-earned money on a first aid kit, buy large packages of band-aids and single-use antibiotic ointment packets. After you buy vacuum sealer bags, make up a kit for every person in the family and every vehicle!

MYO Microwave Meals

Another pretty pricey item? Frozen dinners. This is especially true if you choose healthful meals without a lot of added preservatives. With your food sealer, however, you can make your own individual meals to freeze.

Simply place your well-balanced meal on a sturdy disposable plate (or hit up garage sales for inexpensive reusable ones) and seal as you would any other food.

When Mom’s too tired to cook, or when the teenagers in your household need a between-meals meal, it’s easy for everyone to choose their own lunch or dinner.

Keep Your Collectibles Safe

Do you collect comic books, magazines, vintage photographs, rare stamps, valuable coins, or pretty much any other small item? To make sure that air, insects, and moisture don’t damage your collectibles, use a food sealer.

For this application, you will only want the sealing power, not the vacuum aspect. Press as much air out of the bag as you can, then seal and store.

Give Delicious Gifts

Another ingenious way to use your sealer is to package homemade food items to give as gifts. Venison jerky, smoked salmon, snack mix, and candy can all be portioned out this way. It’s easy to keep a few packages on hand for unexpected gift-giving occasions, too!

Vacuum Sealers Save the Day!

Do you have any creative ways to press your vacuum sealer into service? What are some of your favorite foods to buy in bulk and portion out to freeze? Let us know in the comment section below!

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