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The Top 10 Best Marijuana Strains for Sleep

best marijuana strains for sleepRemember what your mom used to tell you about getting at least eight hours of sleep? Turns out, that’s a combination of motherly care and science.

Even now that you’re all grown up, getting enough ZZZs – at least seven hours – is as important while you were growing up.

But what if you’re one of the 35.3% of adults who sleep less than the above-recommendation within a 24-hour duration?

Perhaps it’s time you start looking for the best marijuana strains for sleep then.

With the best strains for sleep, you can have more than just protection for dark circles under your eyes. It is, after all, during your sleeping hours that the body repairs itself. It’s during this time wherein the body heals broken heart (we’re being literal here!) and blood vessels.

The question is, what exactly are the best strains for sleep?

Keep reading to learn the top 10!

Insomnia and Cannabis

Before we start the roll call of the 10 best weed for insomnia, it pays to have a basic understanding of how weed can affect sleep. How it can help you with your sleeping disorder.

Cannabis, specifically the Indica variety, is an amazing sleep aid. It brings the natural sleep cycle back in order. Plus, it has analgesic properties that can help you have better control over your pain condition.

In fact, it has even shown power in helping those with post-traumatic stress disorder!

Long since have research discovered that cannabis, in general, can help people suffering from PTSD. Latest studies say that it can help minimize fear expression and reduce stress. In other words, weed can do wonders to those who lie awake for hours because of their traumatizing experience.

So, whether it’s insomnia from PTSD or any other cause, you should check out the following strains to help you sleep soundly at night.

1. Northern Lights

One of the more popular Indica strains, Northern Lights has become a household name for PTSD sufferers. It’s all thanks to the relaxing, stress-relieving properties of the strain.

But it doesn’t only aid in the insomnia-curing process. It can also make you think happier thoughts, or at least avoid negative images forming in your mind.

If you’re looking for the best strain for sleep, anxiety, or to help with your PTSD, Northern Lights may be right up your alley.

2. Tangerine Dream

A hybrid of Indica and Sativa, Tangerine Dream boasts of couch-swallowing properties. It has shown exceptional stress-reliving properties that it took home the 2010 Cannabis Cup trophy.

It makes users feel not only relaxed, but euphoric too. It helps clear away all that negative mental content that prevents you from getting some shut-eye.

Keep in mind though, that its Sativa component may boost your energy a bit before chaining you to your pillow. So, it’s best you smoke it at least one hour before hitting the sheets.

3. Pound Hammer

Looking for something that’ll put a smile on your “I woke up like this” face? Then the sweet, slightly fruity and pungent Pound Hammer is a great choice.

It’s much thanks to this intense Indica’s extended relaxing effects. Take note though, that you may feel drowsy for a longer time too, so it’s a good strain to smoke during the weekends.

4. Afghani

An earthy aroma, a sweet smell, and a kushy flavor. These three best describes the Afghani strain, the bud of which delivers a sedative effect that insomniacs can benefit from. It has a lethargic body high effect, which makes it a good weed to smoke at night for some solid, sound sleep.

To top it all off, this strain gives your mood a boost, melting away those stresses and effects of depression. It’s great for your insomnia, and if you suffer from muscle spasms and pain, this can help too.

5. Blackberry Kush

An Afghani-cross, its name comes from, surprise, surprise – it’s rich purple hues. It’s a solid Indica strain, which will leave you relaxed and ready to lay your pretty head on the pillow. At the same time, it’ll uplift your spirits too.

If the smell of fresh coffee beans or chocolate makes you happy, the Blackberry Kush can make you happier. It does wonders to improve pain conditions, while also helping cure nightmares that leave you staring at the ceiling for hours at end.

6. Bubba Kush

Pretty much findable anywhere cannabis is available, many insomniacs consider this as the best strain for sleep. A primary reason for this is it’s 90% Indica component, which puts it second to Afghani. It’s also for this high Indica content that smoking it will let you enter a meditative, relaxing state.

All these, plus the earthy smell of the strain, make it even more aromatherapeutic. Keep in mind that it can have up to 20% THC content though, so expect powerful sedation to follow soon after you light up.

7. CBD Critical Mass

As the name already suggests, CBD Critical Mass packs a punch when it comes to CBD content. That, paired with the strain’s THC, offers users the key to unlocking a good night’s sleep.

It’s relaxing, stress-relieving, and couch-locking, much thanks to its dominant Indica properties. The hint of citrus paired with its slight sweetness will be the last thing you remember before you drift off to that much-needed slumber.

8. Blue Mystic

Herbal and fruity, the Blue Mystic offers users a comfortable body buzz and gentle relaxation. It’s not as powerful as most of what’s in this list, so if you’re a newbie to medical marijuana, then this is a good option.

9. Grape Ape

This Indica strain has a heavy high, so expect some couch-locking to occur after smoking it. It does take some time for the effects to come on though, but that means once you fall asleep, you’ll stay that way longer.

Grape Ape is a good choice for those seeking powerful sedation and relaxation.

10. Harlequin

Harlequin boasts of calming properties that can help drive away pain, stress, and the unwanted symptoms of anxiety and depression.

It may come as a surprise though, that this strain consists more of Sativa. That doesn’t make it any less calming though. In fact, it’s especially beneficial for people whose insomnia is mostly due to anxiety.

Ready to Find the Best Marijuana Strains for Sleep?

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