5 Common Home Inspection Findings That Can Frighten off Buyers

common home inspection findings

According to Home Advisor, the average home inspection costs between $200 and $480 depending on the size of your home.

When your home is on the market, every penny counts, so it’s crucial that you pass your home inspection on the first or second attempt.

Wondering what types of issues will scare off buyers? Here are five of the most common home inspection findings that will make a buyer back out.

1. Mold

In truth, even the cleanest, most well-maintained houses has trace amounts of mold in its vents.

The difference is that these forms of mold, known as surface mold, isn’t as harmful or difficult to remove as other forms of mold such as black mold.

While they’re certainly unsightly and should be cleaned on a regular basis, black mold is a different story.

Linked to illnesses such as respiratory illnesses, rashes, and constant headaches, the detection of black mold will immediately make buyers back out.

If you’re concerned about mold issues in your home, you can buy a home testing kit for just a few dollars.

2. Polybutylene Plumbing

Known for constant leaks, warping, and frequent rupturing, this form of plumbing is so poorly thought out that it’s resulted in numerous class action lawsuits.

The general concept was innocent enough. Contractors needed a more affordable type of plumbing to put in homes and turned to polybutylene, which is more or less just plastic.

While most homeowners replaced their poor plumbing, there are still a few thousand houses in the United States with these types of pipes.

3. Pests

Perhaps the most common home inspection problems come from those pesky little pests we don’t always see whether they’re insects or vermin.

Nothing sends a shiver up a buyer’s spine than imagining hearing skittering claws above them in the middle of the night.

And make no mistake, most pests may be little, but they can cause huge issues when selling a home. Even the tiniest pest can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.

4. Extensive Water Damage

It’s important to note that the difference between a small bit of water damage in the corner of a room and a massive stain covering an entire ceiling.

Some water damage is entirely manageable and doesn’t cost much to repair. On the other hand, larger, more extensive damage can be a sign that you’ll have to replace your home’s plumbing.

5. Radon

According to Dragonfly Home Inspections, radon is the second largest cause of lung cancer, second only to smoking.

That in and of itself is frightening enough, but did you know that it’s colorless and odorless? Your home may have elevated levels of radon and you wouldn’t even know it!

Signing up for a radon test is a must before you put your home on the market.

These Common Home Inspection Findings Scare Buyers Away

Avoiding these common home inspection findings may just mean the difference between a quick sale and a home that spends a few extra months on the market.

Make sure that you’ve had your home cleaned and inspected so you can confidently charge the right price for your house.

Speaking of which, be sure to check out our article on deep cleaning your home so you can make sure your home is ready for the market!

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