7 Trade Show Tips for Awesome Marketing Success

trade show tips

A trade show is a hub for buyers and sellers to meet and do business.

Prospects attend trade shows in search of new products and to discover the latest news and hottest products in their industry.

But, it’s no secret that selling at a trade show isn’t easy. The competition sellers face can be tough.

But with the right planning and selling strategies, you can draw attention to your booth so it won’t be missed.

This means that with insightful planning and smart research, you can take the right steps that lead to a positive return at your next trade show.

Here are the tips to show you how.

Trade Show Tips That Increase Revenue

This article will introduce you to tips and strategies that successful veterans have used for decades to build their business through trade show marketing.

1. Location. Location. Location.

You’ve heard it over and over again, but you can’t disagree. The first step in attracting prospects to your business is its location. Placing your booth in a prominent location on the trade show floor will get you noticed.

Although you’ll often pay an extra fee to put your booth in a designated spot on the trade show floor, if you have a good product, it’s worth it.

Keep in mind these spots can sell out quickly. So be sure to reserve it way in advance.

2. Design Your Booth To Stand Out

Sharp looking booths attract trade show visitors. Make your booth stand out with an awesome display. Make the design sensational.

Make it big and use vibrant colors. Having a unique booth design that’s above and beyond will make buyers want to stop by and see what your company is all about.

It can sometimes make the difference between visitors stopping by or passing by. But be sure your event signs and messaging are clear. Use signs that are visible from many angles.

3. Make A Welcoming Presentation

Aside from displaying an attractive booth design, your booth hosts need to be warm and approachable. Be sure to make eye contact and smile when people look at your booth.

Having inviting hosts will make buyers feel welcomed. There’s nothing worse than looking at a booth and being ignored.

Use hosts who know your products. They can answer questions buyers may have about your company and its products or services.

It’s also important to have someone at your booth during the entire event. Even at the end of the show when many people slip away. Someone appearing late can turn into a good customer.

Some prospects want reading material to review on their own. So have plenty of flyers, pamphlets, and brochures available.

For buyers who like technology and visual demonstrations, offer a video demo on a touch screen or a tablet. This way they can interact with your company and products in a way they enjoy.

4. Offer Valuable Literature

Provide literature that offers value to prospects who visit your booth. Put together a white paper showing your expertise in the industry.

You can also create a presentation on the latest industry trends or the most influential products and people in the industry. Use attractive graphics in your literature to add professionalism and bring the sale home.

5. Attract Attendees With Contests and Raffles

Who doesn’t like to win prizes at a contest? Offering a valuable prize draws attendees to your booth. Make sure the prize associates with your business and offers value to the winner.

Similar to a free giveaway online, ask for something in return of your attendees. Have visitors complete a brief questionnaire, provide their contact details or give you their business card.

Once you have their contact information, you’ve turned an attendee into a lead that you can call or send a friendly email to after the event.

6. Reach Out On Social Media

You can connect with prospects through social media way before the trade show event. Make sure your current customers know where your booth will be.

You can also engage attendees with social media channels such as Facebook for business, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Connect with attendees who have talked about the event on social media. The event is likely to have its own social media page. See who has registered at the venue and reach out to them.

You can engage with them by responding to their comments before the trade show.

Make sure to invite them to stop by your booth or make a plan to meet them for refreshments for an informal chat.

7. Offer Plenty of Giveaways

Be sure to offer an abundance of giveaways with your company logo on them. These promotional freebies put your company in the mind of the buyer when they need your product or service.

Yes, you can offer pens, mugs, ordinary magnets and other items with your logo on them. However, offering the right promotional giveaways can make your effort a worthwhile investment.

Why not offer some unique goodies that will make buyers remember you. Try a branded USB key, a practical mousepad that the buyer can use or a set of portable speakers to say, “wow.”

Whatever you choose, make sure your giveaway product relates to your brand and provides value for your buyer.

The Takeaway on Trade Show Tips

It’s essential to take the time to plan and prepare your marketing strategy to be successful at your next tradeshow. Promote and plan early, sometimes even a year in advance when possible for the most fruitful outcome.

Incorporate these seven trade show tips into your next trade show and you’re bound to see a positive return on your investment.

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