5 Important Considerations to Make When Hiring a Nanny

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If you’re finding it hard to pick the right nanny for you, you’re not alone. 

Hiring a nanny is a very serious task. You need to find someone who’s responsible enough to look after your little ones, gets on with them well, and can take care of your home when you’re not there.

But where do you even start? Luckily, there is a place to jumpstart your search – and it’s right here!

Take a look at our guide to how to find a good nanny and get the perfect person to look after your kids.

1. Use an Agency When Hiring a Nanny

When it comes to how to hire a nanny, a great place to start is with a nanny agency. These do all the hard work when it comes to vetting potential candidates and carrying out background checks. Some can also help you create contracts so that you can clearly lay out the terms of your working relationship with your nanny.

2. Ask for Recommendations

If a nanny agency isn’t your thing, or you need a little more before you hire someone, why not ask friends and family for recommendations? Other parents in your neighborhood who have used nannies can let you know who’s good and who isn’t. Not only could this find you the perfect pick with ease, it could also save you from some nanny nightmares!

3. Always Interview Potential Nannies

The right nanny qualities are vital for a good working relationship. Make sure you meet your potential candidates before picking one so you can get to know more about who they are and how they’ll fit into your life. Ask them questions about their experience, whether they can help you out with specific tasks, and how they’ll deal with your little ones if they play up.

4. Take the Kids Along

Your children and nanny need to get on well for this new partnership to work. So, when you think you’ve found a good option, make sure you take your little one to meet them first so that you can see how they interact with each other. If your child likes your choice, you’re good to go!

5. Once You’ve Hired a Nanny

Once you’ve ticked off every box on your what to look for in a nanny checklist, it’s time to start leaving your kids with them. But, your vigilance shouldn’t end there! Just because someone seemed like the perfect fit doesn’t mean they are.

Keep checking in with your child that their new nanny is looking after them properly. Ask them questions about their time with them, if they’ve been disciplined, and how they were. You can also set up a wireless nanny cam to keep an eye on your house (but make sure your new nanny knows you’re watching!). 

Start Living a Stress-Free Life

With these tips, hiring a nanny should be a breeze. Once you’ve found the right person to look after your kids, you can start living a stress-free life!

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