Top 10 Most Famous People Of All Time

A famous cannot be recognized by a night work, it takes many years to become prominent. Though it is always hard to define people’s efforts into a small list but, we possibly brought the best people in the world. However, you will miss some of those famous personalities like Bruce Lee, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, William Shakespeare, Napoleon and much more. But after by long searching and asking people, we finalized our list based on how often they come to our mouth and front of our eyes. Perhaps they have changed the world and perspectives of our lives. You can address them in any way, such as god, mentor, influential, great thinker, father, Philosopher, anything. This is how we made the list of top 10 most famous people of all time.

Most Famous People Of All Time – List of Top 10


Words are truly not enough to elucidate that who Jesus was and why people worship him, according to four canonical gospels, he was born as the holy spirit from a virgin lady in the year of A.D, and he was the most prestigious person on earth that have ever existed. Often referred to as the son of god. Maybe not every person knows exactly about him very much. But, the name of Jesus Christ is bountiful. Jesus is the leader of Christianity and the kind of faith people show that certainly make him the most significant person on earth of all time and.

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Muhammad was the last messenger of God and the prophet like others, Nuh, Musa, Saleh, Moses and Jesus Christ. Muhammad brought Islam for non- Muslims and to restore Islam. He was the only person who entered in the record the word of god and which later became the Quran. Prophet Muhammad was born about the year A.D. 570 in Makah and died A.D.632 in Medina. However, till the time, he united all Arabia (Middle East) under a single God.

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Michael Jackson

Whether you like him or not doesn’t matter, the matter is who doesn’t know him as “The King of Pop”, Mr. Michael Jackson the evolution of entertainment. Michael Jackson broke all the barriers of pop culture and established himself for over four decades. Michael Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana in 1958. But, the crotch grab Man merited immortal in 2009. He is the most awarded and; one of the most recorded artists.

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Adolf Hitler

The Most Famous People Of All Time

Hitler’s aimed to become the world’s most powerful man as the causes of WW2 and the Holocaust. He was the most notorious person of the 20th century. Today’s our school text books are full with stories of Hitler. He’s one of the most hated people on earth. He was an idealistic German politician and dictator of Nazi Germany. He was also responsible for killing around 6 million people, including Jews, children, handicrafts, and women, etc. During WW2, he killed himself before Germany’s defeat.

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Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein famous people of all time

Very few people have born with brain blessing; Albert Einstein was one of them. His philosophy towards physics, mathematics, and science made him the most influential physicist of the 20th century. He formulated the most famous equation “E = mc2”. A Nobel prize winner, Einstein developed the general theory of relativity, which later explained the forces of gravity and allowed to help him the world’s famous person of modern physics. He was from Jews family and born and raised in Germany, due to a power of Hitler in Germany, Einstein moved to U.S and became an American citizen.

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Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci famous people of all time

In your life, you have certainly seen at least twice the Mona Lisa woman portrait, It was created by the artist Leonardo DA Vinci, he was an inventor, architect, sculptor, cartographer, geologist, engineer, writer, botanist, mathematician, anatomist, musician, scientist, and one of the greatest painters of all time. This Renaissance man was born in 1452, in Vinci, Italy and raised by his father and stepmothers. Da Vinci is widely known for his best Portraits such as Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, The Vitruvian Man, and Lady with an Ermine. And the inventions such as parachute, viola organista, and Leonardo DA Vinci’s tank.

Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton famous people of all time

Born in the 17th century, December 25 – 1642 yet remain the most famous and influential person scientists of all time and prominent figure in the scientific revolution. Isaac saw this world in a totally new way, as a natural philosopher, he designed the laws of motion and universal gravitation. Newton’s book “Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica” that covered the vital possible concept of physics. He was a master as Physicist, Mathematician, Astronomer, and creating new laws and theories of physics and soon after knowing as newton’s law, made him the most famous person on the universe.

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Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln famous people of all time

Lincoln served the today’s most dominant country of the world, and led positively the US during its bloodiest war – its American Civil War (1861 to 1865), Lincoln was not only a famous president for during the civil war for preserving  the union but also, influenced millions of people in the world, by his Gettysburg address. He was president of the United States until he has been assassinated.

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Mahatma Gandhi 

Mahatma Gandhi famous people of all time

Gandhi was the first person who raised voice for the nonviolence movement. He carved his own unique path of nonviolent policy in India to freedom. His concerned was freedom to humanity across the world, not only Indians. His campaigns for, human rights, ethnic amity, ending untouchability, Swaraj or self-rule, and marches, made him the leader of India’s independence movement. In India, he is widely known as “father of the nation” and “Bapu”. On 30th Jan -1948, Gandhi was assassinated.

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Aristotle famous people of all time

Aristotle is the most influential human being who ever lived. Greek philosopher and was the first genuine scientist in history by Encyclopedia Britannica. He worked with some of the best philosophers, like Plato and Socrates. He was the teacher of Alexander the Great and established his own School, The Lyceum. He studied all most all topics and wrote about on many subjects, Including biology, aesthetics, poetry, ethics, physics, politics and government, metaphysics, theater, music, linguistics, zoology, logic, rhetoric and others more.

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Extra Edition

Elvis Presley

hottest male singers of all timeThe guy who changed the face of rock and roll music and later known as the king of rock and roll, the most famous and the most notable personality of the 20th century and he is the best-selling solo artist followed by Michael Jackson. Presley started his music career in 1954 and his first RCA single Heartbreak Hotel became number one hit in the united states, and his contribution to rock n roll, rockabilly, blues, gospel, soul, rhythm and country, and appearances on the sliver screen, TV, and the radio in the mid of 1950 including many Grammy awards as well as Grammy lifetime achievement award made him the most prominent individual in music culture of all time.

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  1. Michael Jackson – The King of Pop – MJ – The Earl of Twirl – The Gloved One.

    The Greatest Entertainer in History, thus far!

    Sleep well, KING!!

  2. Michael jackson should not be 3 and i think elvis should be a head of michael michael should be 2nd maybe and what about james dean myrolyn monroe humphrey bogart grank sinatra as celebrites they are just about as famous as elvis or jacksom and mocahel jordan. I think einstwin should be ahead of jackson or hitler.

    • Nope, MJ was the by the MOST famous person in the world before he died and even in death for a few years. You could go to the poorest countries, the most primitive of communities and they knew who Michael Jackson was. The same can’t be said for most people on the list. I remember watching a video with natives who lived in the Amazon, with no real knowledge of the outside world and even they knew who Michael Jackson was lol. If anything Michael should have been number 1. People from ALL faiths and backgrounds loved Michael Jackson or knew who he was …

  3. Doesn’t matter where you are in the world even in the most poorest place everyone knows MJ! even people with NO technology at all know him and can sing you song of his! Its crazy how much this guy was loved by ALL he literally brought people from all over together.

  4. No one can ever replace, this super human entertainer, he was by far the most exiting pop star of all time, I do not believe he died, where are you, resting somewhere, we all miss you Michael Jackson ❤️Xx

  5. Of course, Elvis is the most famous. Ten thousand impersonators still after his death 41 years ago, week-long festivals worldwide, songs constantly played al lover the world, 20 million visitors so far to Graceland, and recognisable in all countries since 1956,and the most recognisable voice by far.
    no-one else coms close. No-one.

  6. Michael Jackson the 3rd most famous person of all time? Give me a freaking break. We’re talking the famous people of all time. Even Hitler?? No way! Elvis… maybe. The others mentioned here- absolutely.

    How about Neil Armstrong.. absolutely! Sinatra…maybe. Bob Hope… maybe.

  7. What about Mother Theresa the great services done for the poor people health .collecting funds which are used for all kinds of disease caused for humans.


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