5 Out-of-the-Box Tips to Boost Cannabis Dispensary Sales

cannabis sales

Recreational cannabis has been legalized in many states through the U.S. Getting customers into your dispensary is a different kind of problem.

Even though the cannabis industry is still very young, there is still a healthy amount of competition. It’s risky to open a dispensary. But since the industry is so new, you can make many cannabis sales. For many people, this may be the first time they go into a dispensary!

A company that distinguishes itself this early in the game can be an in-house name down the road. Customers mean more than just profit right now in the cannabis industry. They’re how dispensaries can secure a future.

Keep reading for tips on how to cultivate customers as well as you cultivate weed!

1. Encourage Customers Tell People about You Through Word-of-Mouth

The cannabis industry may have finally been accepted into the mainstream. That doesn’t mean the old ways have changed. The community is still tight-knit, and word spreads quickly.

Word-of-mouth is a powerful force in the industry. Impressing one person can get ten more people in your doors.

Coupons people can give their friends will work wonders for your business. But don’t be afraid to get creative. You could set up a weekly code word you could tell customers. They can then tell their friends about it for a special discount!

2. It’s Never Too Early to Start Marketing

All successful businesses have robust marketing teams. No matter how new the industry is, cannabis is no different.

Cannabis marketing is actually becoming a small industry in itself. People in it have a unique set of laws to navigate, as well as unique customs from the industry’s history.

It’s better to leave it to experts to spread word of your dispensary so that you can focus on the customer. But also, don’t be afraid try it yourself! Marketing your dispensary will help you stand out during the industry’s pivotal early era.

3. Weed Right at Customers’ Doorsteps

A successful business also brings themselves right to the customer’s home. Weed can do the same.

As long as you’re not delivering across state lines, you should be able to furnish any customer requests. By implementing a delivery program, you will also make a strong name for yourself in the region. It will attract more customers.

4. Advertising, Advertising!

Advertising will not only make your dispensary stand out. It will make customers more comfortable using it.

There is still a stigma to cannabis use. Taking out advertising in newspapers, online, and in magazines help normalize the industry. It helps people in your region accept it as a part of life.

It also may encourage people to experiment with it. If they decide to after seeing your ad, then they’ll probably go to your dispensary for their first time!

5. Cannabis Sales on the Web

Every business needs a strong presence on the web. That also means selling weed over the internet.

While it’s legally riskier than selling to people in a storefront, it’s still an avenue to grow your customer base.

Rather than deliver weed to people through the mail, you could only provide in-store pickup. People usually know what they want to get before the walk in the door. Why make them wait?

An option to pay online and pick up their order right when they arrive will make things easier for customers. It’ll also make things easier for you.

Welcome to the Industry

The industry is still new. But that makes it exciting. Risks are high, but so are the rewards.

The money to be made from cannabis sales is unrivaled in the long-term, compared to almost every other industry.

It’s good to get into the industry on the ground floor. But now, you need to succeed in it, and that means being innovative.

So go contact some marketers, sell some cannabis, and build this new industry!

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