5 Tips for Choosing a Brand Name That Resonates With Customers

choosing a brand name

The name is the name of the game. A brand can grow exponentially just from having good branding that people recognize.

Choosing a brand name will have an impact on your brand from the very beginning. Carefully weigh the implications of the name you choose before settling on such a big decision.

5 Tips for Choosing a Brand Name

Even our own names have a lot to do with the way that people view us. Make sure your brand name gives the specific view of your business that you want people to see.

Check the Competition

If someone out there is already doing it, you should either think of something new or make sure that you can absolutely do it better.

You can also draw on a list of your competitor’s names to spark your own creativity when brainstorming.

Visualize the Whole

Companies go through a lot of trouble to make sure the psychology of their sell is just right. Go through a list of all the different selling options that you have. Domain name, emails, marketing materials, conventions, brochures, social media and more all play into this.

If your brand name doesn’t fit with the vision you have for all these materials, it’s time to go back to the drawing board. Choosing a brand name is a trial and error process, but in the end, you can only choose one.

Get Creative

If your brand has room to be creative, run with the idea of creating something unique. For example, people love puns. As long as you don’t get too gimmicky with it, a name that stands out from the rest of the crowd will be sure to catch people’s eyes.

Don’t get too crazy, though. You want a name that’s clear and direct, and getting too wild can often cloud up the meaning that you’re trying to convey.

Use a Tool

You don’t have to go it on your own. Using language tool can get the creative juices flowing.

Rhymezone can help you rustle up words. Dot-o-mator helps you start thinking of domain names that you can use to tie back into your brand name.

Choose a Tone

Your brand tone of voice article is key to what you’re trying to get across to your audience. Think of words that apply to your brand. The descriptions that you come up with can help you decide on a name.

It’s also important to think about ideas you want to avoid people thinking of when they consider you. Brainstorm those words as well so you can know what to stay away from.

Overall, keeping tone consistent is what will make people feel reassured about your brand. Strong marketing that ties back to the vision of the brand name makes people reassured that you’re consistent and trustable.

Never Stop Learning

Your brand will continue to shape and grow as you go along and have decided on a brand name. The brand name is just the start. You can be creative with everything you do in your company, from your emails to the labels on your product.

Don’t be afraid to spend extra time thinking through the creativity and vision of your brand when choosing a brand name, because it will pay off in the end.

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