5 Simple Touches That’ll Make Your Home Feel Like Christmas

feel like christmas

We all know one…a person who is really into Christmas decorating to the point of annoyance. It could be your neighbor who coats their house in enough lights to cause a power outage

or the aunt who has a Christmas village set up in every room of her home.

Meanwhile, you’re so busy or stressed out from the holidays you’re not sure you even have time to put a tree up.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go all out to bring the holiday spirit into your home. Here are some simple ways to make your home feel like Christmas without spending a fortune or a lot of time. A bonus to adding these touches is that putting them away once the holidays are over is a snap.

Let There be Light

Even if you’re not motivated to decorate a tree, you can bring a bit of twinkly Christmas cheer to any part of your home with traditional Christmas or more delicate fairy lights.

Wrap them around staircase banisters, vases, and jars, the fireplace mantel, your dining room table, living room windows, or anywhere else your heart desires. You may just find you’ll want to keep them up after the holidays to help see you through those long and dark winter nights.

Display a Collection

Start a new holiday tradition by collecting the same type of Christmas-related objects or knickknacks and putting them on display together every year. It could be angel figurines, silver reindeer, or old glass blown ornaments.

When your friends and family members see your collection they’ll never have to wonder what to buy you for Christmas from now on.

Hang a Wreath

Fresh Christmas wreaths for the front door cheerfully greet visitors and lets them know you didn’t forget about the holiday. They’re also a great alternative for those who love the smell of a Christmas tree but don’t want to bother with the hassle of putting one up.

With many wreaths, you can also add your own personal touches like decorating them with ornaments, a ribbon, lights, and more.

Bring the Outdoors Inside

Pine cones, juniper berries, evergreen branches and more all have their rightful place in a home at Christmastime, and provide a free and easy way to make Christmas decorations. Place them in baskets or vases, wrap lights around them, and display them on tables or at your entryway.

For added sparkle, spray paint pine cones or sprinkle them with glitter after applying a coating of glue.

Thin bare branches from shrubbery and small trees can also double as a makeshift tree; just hang ornaments on them after arranging them in vases.

Make it Smell Like Christmas

Whether you love candles, diffusing essential oils, or making potpourri or mulled wine, bringing the scent of Christmas into your home is another easy way to make your home feel like the holidays.

Some of the scents of the season include gingerbread, vanilla, pine, cranberry, cinnamon, and even eggnog.

In the Spirit: Now it Feels Like Christmas

All of these tips should help your home feel like Christmas, and help you feel less like the Grinch or Scrooge.

If you’d like to learn more home and holiday decorating tips, visit our blog for more posts like this one!

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