5 Tips to Help You Train for Your First Obstacle Course Race (And Crush It!)

obstacle course race

Obstacle course racing (OCR) is the closest sport to a real-life Super Mario game. You have pits to jump over, small spaces to crawl through, and ropes to climb. And when you finish an obstacle course race, the feeling that you get is like fireworks.

Of course, humans are not video game characters. We don’t have the infinite endurance to keep running and jumping to the end of a stage like Mario. We also don’t have the grip strength of the super plumber to climb vines up into the clouds.

The preparation for an obstacle race is very different from your typical 5k marathon. Read on for five tips that will help you finish your next race all muddied and happy.

1. Take the Mud-Plunge

Before you can dream of a first-place finish or even just a normal finish, you need to sign up first. This is where a lot of people stumble and don’t get back up. Your dream will remain just a dream if you don’t follow through.

When you sign up for a race, you’re giving yourself a deadline. This will make you more focused on the training and preparation that you need to perform well at the race.

There are many obstacle races to choose from such as Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, and Rugged Maniac. If you’re a beginner, pick a non-elite heat three- to five-mile race. This Spartan Race coupon should help you get started.

2. Traversing Mud-Hell Is Better with Friends

You can enter as an individual but obstacle racing newbies find more enjoyment in entering as a team. But even if you’re alone at the start, you’ll discover that the people you meet in OCR are friendly and always willing to help out.

You’ll also have days when you feel too lazy to train. This is where you need your friend to give you a little nudge. Your friend will also rely on you to do the same for them and that accountability will push you to show up for every workout.

3. Get in Shape

Training for different obstacles requires a well-rounded fitness regimen. You need to be strong but not heavy-set because you also need to be quick, agile, and flexible. In short, you should train your body to adapt to different challenges.

Aside from cardio and strength training, improving your grip-strength is key in most obstacles. You’ll need it for rope-climbing, monkey bars, and challenges that involve carrying objects.

4. Start Eating Right

Nutrition goes hand-in-hand with physical training. You’d want to decrease your body fat to help your endurance. You also need to have plenty of protein in your diet to help develop the necessary muscles.

Do not neglect hydration during training and also on the day of the race itself. Planning what food to bring on race day is also very important because some races can last up to twenty-four hours.

5. How to Gear up for Your Obstacle Course Race

Mud, barb wire, and rope are some of the things that you’ll encounter during the race. For mud, you’d want shoes that are lightweight, with good grip, and drain water.

Don compression shirts and shorts so you don’t get snagged by barb wire. For races with rope-climbing events, invest in a good pair of gloves.

Have Fun

Participating in an obstacle course race is above all about having fun. Be sure to check out our blog for more sports and fitness-related articles.

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