7 Easy Home Security Ideas For a Safer Home

home security ideas

According to the US Department of Justice, an average of 3.7 million homes are broken into each year–that’s one burgled home for every person living in Puerto Rico.

The thing is, most burglars aren’t professional break-in artists. Most are unpracticed neighborhood teenagers who you’re totally capable of scaring off with a few careful hacks!

If you value the safety of your home and family, can’t really deny the importance of protecting your home from break-ins and burglaries.

Read on for our 7 best home security ideas!

1. Know the Crook

Well, not really. (We hope!)

But before you can take any other measures toward protecting your home from security threats, it’s important to take the time to understand the thought process of any potential home invader or other security risk.

It’s important to note that thieves come most often through a house’s front door, first-floor windows, and back door, but that they also often target garage entrances and basement windows as points of entry.

Acknowledging the simple measures you can take to protect your home is an absolutely necessary starting point. Double-check the apparent security measures in each of these areas, as well as any others around your home.

In protecting your home from potential break-ins, attention-to-detail is the most reliable key.

2. Post Up

No, not like a neighborhood watch (although that could be cool if you could convince the neighbors to bring snacks).

One of the most budget-friendly ways to protect your home from potential invaders is to decorate the place with faux security notices.

Consider sporting a yard sign with the logo of a well-known security company, or purchasing a set of stickers with a more general security system advisory to be placed at every entrance and window in the house. Even a “Beware of Dog” sign can serve as the perfect security decoy.

This trick isn’t foolproof, since there won’t be any alarm or security system backing you up, but striking a power stance can often be enough to deter the inexperienced crook.

Faux signage is a great idea for the household on a budget and can help your peace-of-mind while you save for the real thing.

3. Remember Old Fashioned Booby-Traps

Burglars aren’t always spur-of-the-moment people. Oftentimes, they’ll spend a few hours or days keeping an eye on your place, looking for any sign of life.

When you’ve just taken off to grab a few things from the grocery store or run to town quickly, this might not be much of a concern–but when you’re out of town for a day or two, or even gone to work for the day, old fashioned booby-traps can be an important tool for home protection.

Motion-sense lights are often enough to spook any burglar and send them back off into the darkness and away from your house, while setting interior and exterior lights to run on irregular timers can give your home the false appearance of occupancy.

Sometimes the tried-and-true methods are just what you need!

4. Keep up on the Yard

We know, you don’t even like to do this when you’re home–but the thing is, a home that looks like its owners have been away for a minute is as good as leaving the doors wide open.

Remember, a secure home is all about attention-to-detail. Keeping up on the little things on the outside of your house is a huge deal if you want to keep the place safe while you’re gone.

Don’t let your mail pile up in its box; call a friend to pick it up while you’re away, or put in a call to the list office to have it held until you come back. Pay the neighbor kid or a lawn care service to do the mowing or shoveling.

Your home is far more likely to be broken into if burglars know no one will be walking in on them in the middle of the job; make sure it looks as though you’re always about to step into the room.

5. Invest in a Security System

Many people are hesitant to invest in a home security system because they worry it’ll cause them to refinance the house in order to do so.

When it comes down to it, the most reliable source of home security is a certified system–and the truth is, it doesn’t even have to cost all the electronics and expensive jewelry in your home!

Installing a surveillance camera outside the main entrances of your home is a great and affordable way to keep an eye on your home and respond personally to any suspicious activity.

Investing in an alarm system and security service may not be as expensive as you think–and the investment is often well-worth the peace of mind and literal security it can bring to your home. Looking into systems from companies like LifeShield Home Security might be well-worth your time.

The fact of the matter is, a house without a security system–even if it’s sporting a bunch of other safety measures–is nearly 3 times as likely to be broken into than one that does have a system.

6. Get Smart

You’re already smart, of course. But your home security should be, too!

Many home security systems have apps and security functions that allow you to actively protect your home, no matter how far or for how long you’re away from it.

Smart locks, lights, and curtains controlled from the push of a button can be a life-saver. Home automation is easy and cheap to install, and it’s a great way to ensure you won’t forget to set those light timers before skipping town.

The digital age is all about convenience and efficiency–your home’s security should be, too.

7. Keep Good Habits

One of the most foolproof ways to ensure your home’s security is to establish and maintain good security habits in your daily life.

Make sure everyone in the house understands the importance of locking doors and keeping track of keys. Rule out old tricks like the key-under-the-mat and always leaving that one window unlocked.

Maintaining your home’s security by performing regular checkups and maintenance on locks and entrances is beyond important. It’s easy to overlook glaring security risks; establish thorough security habits to make any costly blunders tough to make.

Many burglars are inexperienced, but this doesn’t mean most of them are dumb. The best way to protect your home against home invasions is to take every careful step possible toward doing so, and maintaining a secure standard for your place.

Want More Home Security Ideas?

Sometimes peace-of-mind is the last missing piece you need to make a perfectly happy home, and learning more about keeping your home safe is never a bad idea!

For more home security ideas and other curious topics, check out the rest of our content!

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