7 Gadgets That Will Help You Stop Snoring

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Snoring isn’t just something your uncle does on the couch after he falls asleep after Thanksgiving dinner. It’s actually quite common: half of all people will snore at some point in their life.

And while snoring is more common in men, people of all genders are guilty of snoring. Snoring doesn’t only disturb any partner sleeping with you, it also lessens your own sleep quality.

The good news is that there are anti snore devices that have great success at preventing snoring. There are a lot out there to choose from, so we are going to go over the best anti snoring devices you can get.

1. VitalSleep

The VitalSleep is arguably the most popular, and the best, anti snoring device on the market. It’s affordable, effective, and designed for any gender to use.

The VitalSleep is a mouth device that holds your lower jaw in place while you’re sleeping. This prevents the jaw from adjusting to a position that obstructs your airway, which causes snoring.

You’ll mold the VitalSleep to your particular mouth shape and structure, so it will be comfortable and work exactly right for you. This device also comes in a large and a small size, making it perfect for people of all genders, all sizes, and all shapes.

You can also adjust the size of the opening to whatever is comfortable for you, and what works best for preventing your snores.

This device can also help prevent teeth grinding.

2. ZQuiet

Like the VitalSleep, the ZQuiet is a device that holds your jaw in place to prevent snoring. This is called a Mandibular Adjustment Device, which means it works by holding your lower jaw in a particular position to keep your airway unobstructed and prevent snoring.

The ZQuiet is ready to be used the minute you open the package; there’s no molding or adjustment required like with the VitalSleep.

You’ll get two slightly different mouthpieces when you buy the ZQuiet. Each will have a different level of jaw adjustment; you can pick the one that works best for you.

3. My Snoring Solution

Chin straps are another anti snoring method used by many types of anti snoring devices. You can find a great explanation of how this works on the TopSnoringDevices website.

Chin straps work in a similar way to MAD devices: they support and adjust the position of the lower jaw to prevent snoring. However, instead of adjusting the jaw inside the mouth like a MAD device, a chip strap will physically hold the lower jaw in place with a strap that goes around your head.

This keeps your airway open and unobstructed to prevent snoring.

My Snoring Solution is one of the most popular chin strap options. This is a great option for people who find they can’t sleep with mouthguards or mouthpieces, but they still need something to prevent snoring.

My Snoring Solution is a chin strap that fits around your head and physically holds your lower jaw closed during sleep.

This option is slightly more expensive than other anti snoring device options, but it’s also reusable, well-made, and effective.

4. Snore Calm Chin-Up Strips

Chin-up strips work in the same general way as chin straps. However, instead of there being a band that goes around your entire head, the Snore Calm Strips use an adhesive strip to hold your lower jaw in place and prevent your mouth from falling open during sleep.

Unlike the other devices we’ve gone over so far, Snore Calm Chin-Up Strips aren’t reusable; each night you would need to use a new strip.

5. Good Morning Snore Solution

The Good Morning Snore Solution can help prevent snoring while also helping those suffering from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea affects over 22 million people in the United States alone with snoring being one of the main symptoms.

This anti snore device works by adjusting the position of your tongue. When the tongue falls into the back of your throat during sleep, it obstructs the airway and can cause snoring.

This snore solution will keep the tongue in a forward position in your mouth to prevent this from happening. It’s very comfortable to wear, and it won’t cause any jaw discomfort like some other snore solutions might.

6. SnoreRx

The SnoreRX is another MAD device for you to consider.

The main benefit of the SnoreRX is that is can be adjusted in very small increments, which allows you to get it to your perfect fit instead of there being one size only or no adjustment options available. It also is molded to your exact bite, which will make it as comfortable as possible.

Many MADs or other anti snoring devices can prevent you from breathing through your mouth while you’re sleeping. This can be an issue for people with sinus issues that make nose breathing a problem.

The SnoreRX is unique in that it still allows for mouth breathing.

7. Megavent Breathing Aid

The Megavent Breathing Aid represents a third type of anti snore device: a nasal passage dilator.

This plastic gadget fits inside your nose while you sleep to keep the nasal passages open and allow airflow to pass through unobstructed. This is perfect for people who snore because of sinus issues like a deviated septum.

You can adjust the size of this device by running it under warm water or placing it in boiling water to get it to the right shape for your nostrils.

Other similar devices are made of metal, which can be uncomfortable for constant wear, or use irritating adhesives. This device uses neither of those materials for a soft and comfortable fit.

The 7 Best Anti Snoring Devices: Wrapping Up

Snoring doesn’t have to be an annoying hindrance that you and your partner have to accept. Using one of the best anti snoring devices will make your (and your partner’s) sleep quality much better.

Try out a few different options to see which kind of device will work best for you.

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