7 Most Common Houseplants for Purifying the Air

common houseplants

Is there anything nicer than some indoor greenery? Having a few flowers indoors can brighten up any space, from a kitchen to an office, to a dorm. There’s no question why over 40 million households have indoor plants.

Not only do common house plants make your space look pretty, they’ve got tons of beneficial properties, too. One of the most amazing things houseplants can do is purify the air.

Don’t believe us? The science is there! NASA conducted a study in the 80s that showed that everyday house plants can clean cancer-causing pollutants out of the air.

Want to know which plants to bring inside so you can reap the same benefits? We’ve got a list of seven types of indoor plants that can purify the air you breathe!

1) Aloe Vera

Aloe is easily one of the most recognizable succulents on the market. It’s also incredibly hardy and has tons of amazing benefits.

It can clean formaldehyde and benzene from the air inside your home. As a bonus, aloe gel is very soothing on the skin and great for cuts and burns.

All it needs is a sunny window!

2) Snake Plant

Also known as “mother in law’s tongue”, it’s great at filtering air pollutants out of your home.

Bonus tip: this purifying plant releases more oxygen at night. Keep it by your bedside to get some extra oxygen while you sleep.

3) Fiddle Leaf Fig

This hardy plant gets its name from the violin-sized leaves it grows. If you’ve got empty space you want to fill, the focus is your best bet.

These common houseplants will thrive with very little attention. Pick out the perfect one at PLANTZ.

4) Golden Pothos

Golden photos are perfect living room plants because of the way they grow. This beautiful vine cascades down like a little green waterfall.

These vines thrive in the dark and help filter fumes from your car. Consider keeping one in your garage.

5) Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum, or mums, are bright and beautiful and add a touch of color to any space they occupy. They also filter out the harmful fumes found in paint, plastics, and glue.

Mums come in lots of colors and can be matched to any indoor decor. These common houseplants need plenty of sun, so keep that in mind when placing your plants.

6) English Ivy

Outside, English ivy is aggressive and takes over your garden. Inside, it grows nicely in a pretty pot.

Besides scrubbing the air of formaldehyde, it also reduces really nasty stuff like airborne fecal-matter particles. Keep it in moist soil and give it at least four hours of sun a day.

7) Chinese Evergreen

These are true “set it in and forget it” types of indoor plants. They do well in dark areas and even produce berries and blooms without a lot of direct sun.

One tip for taking care of your Chinese evergreen: it likes humidity. If you see the leaves turning brown, give it a quick mist.

Common House Plants And Beyond

Now that your indoor areas are squeaky clean, you can feel comfortable in your own home.

Want to learn about other plants that can improve your life? Learn more about strains of marijuana that can help you sleep. Or, now that you’re indoors more, why not keep reading our blog and find out more interesting facts? We’ve got new articles up every day – check back often!

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