Kitchen Design Trends for 2018

kitchen design trends

Take a look around your kitchen. What’s missing? Maybe you’re dreaming of one day having a more open layout in this room, or of finally getting the island you and your spouse have been talking about for years.

These are just a few timeless kitchen design trends that truly make the space the best it can be. Such elements of a kitchen turn the place you cook meals into the happy place you gather as a family, host guests, and make lifelong memories.

If you already have a big kitchen and a beautiful island, though, there are some other things you can do to beautify the space. For a little bit of inspiration, check out which 2018 kitchen trends are all the rage this year.

Banquet Seating

Banquet seating refers to the dining style of royal families from years ago. Instead of having many individual tables the way big parties and awards ceremonies do today, banquet seating was the go-to method of seating many people in one room.

In modern kitchens, it welcomes people to sit down and come together. Plus, there’s so much you can do with this kind of seating style!

A banquet approach can mean you have one large picnic-style table placed in the center of the room. It also looks like a table in the corner where one-half of the seats is a booth and the other half is a bench. You can add a few free-standing chairs on either end to make even more room, too.

Whichever way you spin it, there’s no denying how fun banquet seating is. It makes your kitchen look lovely and encourages your family to enjoy each other’s company even more.

Built-In Sinks

While it’s easy to understand the concept of banquet seating, built-in sinks might go right over your head. After all, aren’t all sinks “built-in”? Not exactly.

There’s a difference between having a counter space that stops where the sink starts, and one that continues into the sink. In other words, a built-in sink is made of the same material as the counter; it kind of looks like someone took the counter and made a beautiful dent on purpose. These are also known as seamless sinks.

Traditional sinks, on the other hand, are made of contrasting material and color. Some people don’t mind the way this looks, but current kitchen design trends show this style is changing.

Built-in sinks work well with modern and industrial homes. On the other hand, it might be better to stick to traditional sinks if your idea of the best kitchen designs includes concepts like country homes or shabby chic decor.

Flat Cabinets

Here’s something that looks beautiful no matter the kind of decor style you choose: flat cabinets. They add a touch of sophistication to any kitchen.

A flat cabinet is one that has no handle and no trim. You open it from the bottom/top depending on where in arm’s reach it is to you. In some cases, you can slide the cabinets for a little more of a wow factor.

These fade into the kitchen in order to make other things stand out. When you have flat cabinets, it’s easier to notice things like that new built-in sink or beautiful window treatments. Small accents around the kitchen tend to pop out a bit more and the major design elements stand out just as they should, too.

Sneaky Storage

What about the things you’d prefer to hide? For everyday kitchen items like your go-to spices and your coffee filters, implement a bit of sneaky storage.

While you’re changing the cabinet doors, see if there’s room to create some pull-out shelves by the stove. Or, get creative about how you organize everything under the sink.

Consider using the walls to hang storage items, too. This is especially cute if you have a backdoor on one end of your kitchen or if your kitchen and (banquet) dining blend together. The storage space creates a cute area for people to look at as they pass by.

You can create wall storage out of practically anything. Take an old wood ladder and lean it against the wall (with support) or hang a window frame on the wall. If all of that handy work is too much for you, try things like:

  • putting mason jars on the counter
  • getting deep drawers for more plates/pots
  • placing a wide bin on the counter for small items and a tall container for cooking utensils

These are simple storage solutions that make the whole kitchen look a little more chic and a lot less messy.

Smart Kitchen Design Trends

Since we are in 2018, it wouldn’t be a complete list of new kitchen trends without talking about smart home design elements. These can make everything from the lighting to the way you wash dishes more efficient.

Get new lights in the kitchen that you can control with the touch of a button on a remote or your phone. This way, you’ll never bump into anything ever again when you’re getting a midnight snack.

Or, change the sink faucet into something that’s motion activated. You’d be surprised how much easier this makes everything, regardless of whether you’re filling a pot or rinsing a plate.

Other smart design trends include upgrading the appliances and making use of alerts you’ve never realized you have, too. It might sound like a little too much technology at first, but this does grow on you over time. Before you know it, you’ll be totally used to all the tools and gadgets at your aid in your kitchen.

Make Your Kitchen Dreams Come True

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your entire house, and it should feel like it. Use the kitchen design trends mentioned above to transform an okay room into something that’s stunning.

The more attention you pay to the kind of seating everyone has and how easy it can be to store certain things, the better it feels to be in the kitchen every day. This goes for whether you’re grabbing a cup of coffee in the morning or hosting a dinner party on the weekend.

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