Dress Green! 10 Eco Friendly Clothing Options

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Are you doing everything you can to save the environment?

You drive an electric car. You only eat sustainable foods. You’ve done just about everything to shrink your carbon footprint.

But, have you considered what you wear? The fashion industry is actually one of the big polluters in the world. 

The production of cotton alone uses almost a quarter of the world’s pesticides. This is devastating to the environment. It’s also very harmful to the farmers that grow it.

You shouldn’t just be wearing green, you need to dress that way too!

Luckily, there are some new fashion brands doing their part. They use low impact dyes plus organic cotton and alternatives. 

You don’t have to skimp on style, either. These are fashion forward brands that will make you feel as great as you look.

Ever thought about “going green” with your wardrobe? Here are 10 eco friendly clothing options.

1. Alternative Apparel

You can be stylish, eco-friendly, and health conscience. Alternative apparel makes sustainable active wear. Now even your work out can be green.

With fashions for men and women, this Georgia based company boasts 70 percent sustainable products. They also honor the safety and comfort of their employees around the world. 

For affordable and fashionable athleisure, try this alternative company. 

2. People Tree

This London based company doesn’t skimp on any eco-friendly practices.

They promise all ethical employee treatment. They use low impact dyes for their coloring. Plus, their cotton is 100% organic.

The above and beyond step they take is that all their labels are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. This organization monitors responsible farming for the world’s trees.

They sell women’s styles that range from date night out to a cozy night in. Ladies can find whatever fashion they need from People Tree.  

3. Amour Vert

Another great place for high-end female fashions is Amour Vert. Their philosophy is all about recycling. 

They hold themselves to the highest standards. They only use materials that create zero waste. But they still take things one step further.

Amour Vert plants a tree for every tee shirt they sell. They’ve planted almost 170,000 trees already. Shop with them to get a new T and plant a tree! 

4. Cuyana

This company has a very unique business philosophy. It seems almost counter-productive. But, in fact, it will inspire you to shop from them even more.

Cuyana wants you to buy less clothing. Their thinking is that buying less clothing makes less waste. That means they want you to buy only a few of their high-quality outfits. 

They pay it forward too. With each purchase, you are sent a bag to fill with your old clothing. They then donate that bag to women in need

5. Organic Basics

Don’t just focus on your pants and tops. Every article of clothing you wear should be eco-friendly. That includes your underwear.

Organic Basics is beneficial beyond its sustainable production. Their line of breathable undergarments keeps air flowing to all places on your bod. This keeps you clean and fresh all day long.

Their bras and panties also have a sophisticated, vintage style. So you will be looking good even if they are the only thing you have on!

6. Leave Nothing but Footprints

L.N.B.F. is one of the smallest companies on this list. But they are totally worth seeking out. The cool thing about these guys is they use bamboo to make their clothing.

There are many eco-friendly fibers to choose from. Organic viscose, made from bamboo, is one of the best. These soft fibers are great for garments like leggings and tees.

Learn more about other fibers with this link.

7. EcoVibe Apparel

This family-run business has a neat origin story. Husband and wife Leonard and Andrea Allen combined both of their passions to create this brand.

Leonard had experience from years in the fashion industry. Andrea came from the natural health and wellness world. Just like Captain Planet, their powers combined to create EcoVibe Apparel.

Also similar to Captain Planet is Leonard and Andrea’s drive to save Earth. They want people looking good for generations to come.

8. SUSI Studio

Don’t forget about the shoes! SUSI Studio creates runway-ready sustainable footwear. 

The animal slaughter industry is another huge contributor to global warming. Animal hide is used all the time in clothing, especially shoes.

But these shoes are all 100 percent vegan. 

Most people think vegan is strictly a dietary restriction. However, it’s just as important that what you put on your body is as vegan as what you put in it. Not just for your health, but for the planet’s.  

9. Christy Dawn

Perhaps the most stylish looks on this list come from Christy Dawn. Her trendy, vintage-inspired dresses are also extremely unique. In fact, they are limited edition.

To make these dresses, Christy is using the growing trend of deadstock fabric. Meaning, recycling leftover fabrics from other companies. Though the materials aren’t sustainably based, they are being saved from the landfill.

Christy Dawn wants to make sure no fabric goes to waste. This is the high fashion answer to hand me downs.

10. United By Blue

This brand is paying respect to the one thing that binds us all together: water. United By Blue is dedicated to using green practices to prevent pollution of all our water sources.

They also plan on helping with all the damage that has already been done.

You buy an article of clothing from United By Blue. They remove a pound of trash from a waterway.

Clean up the ocean and look fresh with this eco-friendly brand. 

Wear Green Head to Toe and Buy Eco Friendly Clothing

Help prevent global warming by shopping sustainably. These 10 companies are just some of the brands making eco friendly clothing today.

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