Get Smart: 3 Tips to Find the Best Nootropic for You

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Nootropic became a buzzword in the last ten or so years; however, people have been utilizing “smart drugs” for ages. You probably use nootropics on a daily basis without even knowing it. Caffeine, whether it is in pill form or in your cup of coffee, is one of the most effective nootropic cognitive enhancers.

Are you new to nootropics and smart drugs and are not sure where to start? Follow these 6 tips to find the best nootropic for your individual needs.

1. Think About What You Want Nootropics For

Nootropics also called cognitive enhancers or smart drugs, are used by individuals who are looking to help improve mental performance and enhance memory, creativity, and alertness. While not all of the science is out on whether or not certain substances can truly boost a person’s cognitive abilities, but many types show promising results. Here are some reasons why people take nootropics and what they take.

Improve Productivity

It is hard to remain productive during the workweek. These nootropics may have beneficial results for levels of productivity.


Rhodiola, also known as roseroot, may have neuroprotective properties, help mild depression or anxiety, and relieve stress. Rhodiola has been used in natural medicine for centuries. Take it for short periods of time, about six to twelve weeks, to avoid side effects.


Creatine is used by athletes looking to enhance their exercise or sports performance. It is a substance that naturally occurs in the body and is used to build protein. It helps boost productivity by improving stamina and energy production.

Enhance Focus and Attention

Enhancing focus and attention is one of the most common reasons people take nootropics or “smart drugs.” Here are some nootropics that may boost cognitive function and focus.


Caffeine is a stimulant that could improve productivity, reaction time, and focus. Does caffeine make you jittery and nervous? Try pairing it with the smart drug L-theanine to counteract anxiety caused by caffeine consumption.  


9-me-BC stands for 9-Methyl-ß-carboline, and it was originally researched for its interaction role in dopamine synthesis. It interacts with enzymes and potentially works as a neuroprotectant. Read here if you want to learn more about 9-mc-BC and other nootropics like it.

2. Do Your Own Research

There are hundreds of blogs dedicated to the topic of nootropics.  If you are looking for smart drugs for a specific reason, try reading forums or sites dedicated to the science of these substances.

3. Talk to Your Doctor

Nootropics are generally safe when taken for short periods of time; however, you should talk to your doctor before taking any new brain supplements. Some smarts drugs are not considered safe for people who are pregnant or nursing or may interact with certain prescription medications.

What Are the Best Nootropics for You?

Everyone wants to perform at peak efficiency without being dragged down by fatigue or stress. Nootropics or smart drugs like Rhodiola, creatine, 9-me-BC, and so on, could help. As with trying any new supplement, it may take a while to find what the best nootropics are for you.

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