How to Find an Interior Designer You Can Trust

how to find an interior designer

Nothing makes a house feel like a home like an exceptional interior design layout. But, figuring out what looks best in your space doesn’t have to be all on you!

Many homeowners hire interior designers to take care of all the details. Together, the owners and the design professional(s) discuss what the home should feel like and what kind of aesthetics can create the ideal environment. This takes away a lot of the stress that people put on themselves to have a beautiful home.

But, you have to know how to find an interior designer you can trust if you want the absolute best results possible. Here are five things to help you do just that.

1. Talk About Their Experience in the Industry

You wouldn’t trust a lawyer who just passed the BAR to defend your case or a newly licensed doctor to treat your illness, would you? Although interior design isn’t as intense of a situation like handling legal cases or personal health can be, it is a big deal.

As such, you need to find someone who has a thorough understanding of the industry and how it works. Your interior designer should have a long line of past clients and projects to talk about, and few certifications and awards wouldn’t hurt, either. Their knowledge and passion for the industry are the first signs that you can trust them with your home.

2. Get Proof

A person can talk about their career experience all they want, but the proof is in the pudding. Take a close look at the portfolio an interior designer shows you and read reviews from past clients, too.

This allows you to get a better understanding of just how much experience they actually have. Not to mention, it shows you how good the quality of their work is.

Some people work on certain things for years and years and still can’t get it right. Others have a natural eye for things like fashion and interior design, and even a small portfolio can show that.

The reviews are what bring everything together, though. No matter the size of a person’s portfolio, you may have some work to do if their reviews are only average.

You should be reading things like “this person completely exceeded expectations”, or, “I’m so glad I chose (x interior designer) for this project.” Such enthusiasm from past clients is a sign that you’ve found the right professional for your home renovation.

3. Make Sure Your Styles Match

Keep in mind that personal style is a crucial part of the search process for an interior designer. This doesn’t have too much to do with trusting a person’s work ethic and skills, but it does play a big role in the overall outcome of your home.

It makes no sense to hire someone who is skilled in industrial decor or modern design if you want something that feels shabby chic or like a farmhouse. Your best bet is to hire someone who has a good grasp of the look you’re going for. But if you do happen to be all about modern, elegant decor, you need the kind of design services this company offers.

Or, it might be an even better idea to hire an interior designer who knows how to work with many different design styles. This is ideal if you’re not sure what kind of look would fit best in your home and you’re looking for someone who is comfortable taking the lead on the project.

4. Do Some Digging on Their Rates and Services

Another thing that determines whether you can trust an interior designer is the rates and services they provide. This isn’t a cheap investment to make, but you shouldn’t be paying an arm and a leg for the project you’re giving a designer.

Take a close look at everything a designer is offering you for the price they expect you to pay. For example, you may run into additional furniture and supply costs on top of the designer’s planning and sourcing work. Or, you could pay a flat rate that seems more expensive at first, but after seeing how much it gives you, you realize it’s reasonable.

5. Ask for a Project Timeline

No matter how much you expect to pay for an interior design project, do not move forward unless you have a timeline. Think about how much your time is worth and how much you’ll be anticipating the new setup of your home. The longer a designer takes to finish a project, the less time you’ll have to enjoy the space and the antsier you’ll become.

A timeline sets clear expectations. It gives you a clear idea of how long you’ll be waiting until the kitchen makeover is complete or your master bedroom looks as good as new. It also helps you hold a designer accountable if the project runs into some issues.

It’s not uncommon to have to be a little flexible when working on an interior design project. But, it’s one thing to set the project back a day or two and another for the whole timeline to be delayed by a two or three months!

How to Find an Interior Designer You Love: Be Your Own Design Expert!

If you’re really not comfortable figuring out how to find an interior designer you can trust on your own, consider being your own designer. This may mean the project takes a little longer and it will definitely require more effort on your part than hiring someone to take care of everything for you.

But, it does ensure you have a trustworthy, reliable person working in your home.

Click here to learn a few things about interior design and see if you can do it yourself.

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