How to Sell Property By Owner: 5 Creative (But Crazy!) Ways to Sell Your Home

A savvy homeowner knows that too many days on the real estate market can slash their bargaining power and drastically reduce the selling price of their home. Especially during a buyer’s market, potential buyers may assume the worst about a home that has been for sale too long.

For those wondering how to ditch the realtor and learn how to sell a property by owner, the key is to get creative. If you want to get that house off the market and put cash in your pocket fast, read on! We’ve got crazy and creative ideas that just might put you at the front of the race.

How to Sell a Property By Owner

You could go the traditional route and list your home in the paper, hang a sign, or host an open house. But today’s marketing demands more ideas to catch the eye of potential buyers. Millennials are a big target market but are more discerning about home buying than the generations before them.

How do you make your house stand out from the crowd? You have to think outside the box!

Open House? Try Open House PARTY!

Why not take your open house to the next level? Attract potential buyers with catering, cocktails, and all the trappings of a fancy get-together. Up the ante of a traditional open house by hosting an event that creates buzz and excitement.

A next-level open house can help your property stand out from the crowd. With a small investment, you can endear yourself to shoppers and create a memorable experience that helps buyers picture themselves entertaining in your space.

Offer a One Night Stay

Consider letting your potential buyers sleep on it. Host your property as a think-it-over sleepover for the weekend, complete with a complimentary brunch meeting at the conclusion. A newlywed couple might enjoy the opportunity to imagine themselves settling down in your beautiful home.

Online Sales

Why not list your home for sale on eBay? Reach 147 million potential buyers, 24 hours a day. A single 30-day listing is affordable, easy to share across multiple social media platforms, and can be an excellent showcase for your home.

Another option is Craigslist! Don’t forget to snap some quality photos of the interior and exterior. Show off any unique features, and write a clever hook to get buyers interested!

With a witty ad and some humor in your photographs, your sales listing could even go viral.

Rub Shoulders At Real Estate Auctions

Though you aren’t looking to buy, there will be a captive audience present who is! Make an eye-catching flyer and spend the evening talking up your property to the buyers who walked away empty-handed. If you’re offering a good deal, you might find several interested parties who are serious about buying!

Put Out a Bounty

Time to crowdsource for your potential sale- put your friends and neighbors to work! Let everyone on your social media and in your local network know that you are offering a reward to the person who lands you a buyer.

Throw a prize in the ring- a Visa gift card, cash reward, or some other tantalizing prize. Remind neighbors they should care about securing a quality neighbor once you leave the block. Ask any potential buyer who referred them, and grant your prize to the person in your network that paid off!

Sell Fast, Have Fun!

When it comes to figuring out how to sell a property by the owner, don’t settle for the way it’s always been done. Exercise your creativity and draw the attention to your unique and beautiful space.

Sure, there’s value to good staging and classic home listings. But you never know- that creative sales pitch just might land you the perfect candidate to buy your property fast and let you have some fun while you’re doing it.

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