How to Choose the Best Mattress Topper for a Better Night’s Sleep

best mattress topper

Is your current mattress not giving you the best night’s sleep possible?

Getting quality sleep every night is important for a variety of reasons, including your mental focus for the next day. A poor mattress can also cause serious back and neck problems.

Some of us put off buying a new mattress because they can be expensive and a hassle to order. But if you’re not on the market for a completely new mattress, investing in a mattress topper is a good compromise.

The best mattress topper can make an old and uncomfortable mattress feel like new. Before you buy one, there are a few things to consider.

What Material Makes the Best Mattress Topper?

Not every mattress topper is made equal. To start your search for the best mattress topper, you need to do you research. Check out an online resource like this website that offers tons of different consumer reviews and tips on buying the best mattress or mattress topper.

Once you start doing your research, you’ll notice that mattress toppers come in a wide rage of different materials. Some are simple foam toppers, while others are thicker memory foam.

But foam isn’t the only material you’ll see. Other mattress toppers are made of latex, down, cotton, wool and more.

Memory foam mattress toppers are by far the most popular and the most readily-available. However, the type of material you choose will depend on your personal preferences and needs.

For example, some people need a firmer, more supportive topper, so something such as down or memory foam wouldn’t be a great option. Here is a breakdown of the pros and cons of the most popular materials:

1. Foam

Foam toppers add a simple layer of foam to the top of your mattress. This is a great, budget-friendly option, as you can typically get a foam mattress pad for under $50, no matter what size bed you have.

2. Memory Foam

Memory Foam toppers are some of the most popular, and there are hundreds of different varieties on the market. Memory foam is some of the most comfortable material and it comes in a wide range of price points.

3. Down

Down toppers offer less support but a lot of comfortable. Like a down blanket, down toppers are filled with feathers which can make your bed feel luxurious and like you’re sleeping on a cloud. They also run cheaper than some latex or memory foam options.

4. Latex

Latex is a great option if you need more support and a firmer mattress topper. A lot of people with back issues need something with less give than foam, so latex is a great option. However, latex allergies should be considered before you choose this option.

You’ll find tons of different material variations in between these materials. For example, some memory foam mattresses have a therapeutic gel layer to help make them more supportive and comfortable for those with back problems.

Some other types of materials may have special temperature control features or anti-allergy material, so make sure you read all of the features of your pad to find the best mattress topper material for your unique needs.

Compare Different Thicknesses

If your mattress is extremely uncomfortable you might be tempted to pick the thickest mattress pad out there to try and counteract it. However, a topper that is too thick can sometimes make your mattress even more difficult to sleep on.

Depending on the material, the best mattress toppers usually range from a very flat cotton topper to a thick, six-inch memory foam pad. Like a lot of the features in a mattress pad, the thickness will vary depending on material, cost and more.

When you’re trying to decide on thickness, think about your mattress and what you’re looking for the most in a pad. If you’re going off to college, you might want something extremely thick to prevent your back from hitting an unsupportive dorm room mattress.

However, a thicker mattress pad can pose problems for those with back problems, so try and test out different thicknesses before purchasing if you can. Thicker pads can also trap more heat, which won’t work for those who overheat when they sleep already.

Memory foam and foam will have the biggest range in thickness, while latex, cotton, down and other materials will come in a smaller range. Density is also important to consider, as down and cotton comforters will have low density, while memory foam is higher.

Density is important, especially if you don’t like your current mattress. Lower density pads will cause you to sink more towards your mattress, and you might even be able to feel the mattress underneath. Your body will rest on top of higher density material.

Don’t Forget About Price

Because the best mattress toppers come in so many different brands, materials and thicknesses, they have a price point for just about every budget. Whenever you want to spend $20 or $500, there’s a mattress topper for you.

Of course, your price will depend on what size mattress you have, as a king size mattress topper will cost more than a twin. A thicker mattress pad will also cost more, as will a high-quality memory foam or down pad.

Other Qualities to Consider

There are also many other features that vary from pad to pad, which is another reason why it’s important to do as much research as possible before purchasing.

Some other qualities will be washability, appearance and thread count, all of which will impact which material, thickness and price point you can choose.

As we mentioned earlier, there are also tons of different features depending on the material you choose. Some materials are even infused with green tea or lavender to make your fall asleep and get better sleep at night.

No matter what you’re needs are, you can find a unique feature in a mattress topper to make it the best one for your bed.

Want to Learn More?

After you’ve found the best mattress topper, head over to the rest of our blog for more articles on a variety of different home products. No matter what you’re looking to purchase next, we can help you make a more informed decision.

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