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How to Save Money on Legal Fees: Your Complete Guide

On average, lawyers charge between $250 and $600 per hour for their services. That’s a pretty big chunk of change!

Have you been considering hiring a lawyer to help you with your case? Are you worried about how you’re going to come up with the money to pay for their services?

Legal fees can definitely be expensive. The good news, though, is that there are lots of steps you can take to make them less of a burden.

Read on for some tips on how you can save on your legal fees while still getting the help you need.

Choose the Right Lawyer

If you want to reduce your legal expenses, you need to start by hiring the right lawyer.

A qualified, skilled lawyer will be able to work in a more efficient way and minimize the amount of time you have to spend meeting with them and going over your case.

They might have a higher price tag up front, but you might end up spending less working with them in the long run compared to a less qualified lawyer.

Ask About a Different Fee Arrangement

It never hurts to ask if your lawyer would consider a different fee arrangement.

Sometimes, depending on the complexity of your case or your current financial situation, lawyers might be willing to work something out with you. For example, they might accept a flat fee instead of charging an hourly rate.

Not all attorneys are willing to go for this, of course, but it still doesn’t hurt to ask them for help.

Look Into Online Services

There are a lot of online services that can provide you with basic legal advice and resources for a low fee.

If your case seems to be relatively simple and you just have a few questions, one of these services might be a good option to consider.

They’ll give you the tools you need to handle things on your own, but you’ll still have access to a practicing lawyer in the event that you have questions or need any clarification.

Do as Much Work as You Can on Your Own

Maybe you need to sit down with a lawyer face-to-face to get your case sorted out. That doesn’t mean you can’t still do some work on your own.

Try to research as much as you can by yourself so you at least understand the basics of your case. That way, you won’t be walking into the lawyer’s office with no idea of what to do, and you’ll be able to come up with a game place sooner.

Consider Swapping Services

Sometimes, lawyers will be willing to exchange their legal advice in exchange for another service.

If you’re a writer, for example, they might be willing to work out a deal where you write a certain amount of content for their website in exchange for a certain number of hours of legal help.

You might be surprised at how many lawyers are willing to work out arrangements like this, so it never hurts to ask and see what they have to say.

Limit Phone Calls and Emails

Try to avoid calling or emailing your lawyer every time you have a question or think of something you need to tell them. You still get billed for these calls and emails because they require your lawyer’s time to read or listen to and answer them.

If something isn’t absolutely urgent, try to reserve it until your next appointment or scheduled call.

Consolidate Your Questions

If you think of a question that you want to ask the next time you see your lawyer, jot it down on a piece of paper or in an app on your phone. That way, you’ll have a list of specific issues you need to address and won’t find yourself sending a frantic email in the middle of the night because you forgot something.

Respond Right Away

Be sure to respond right away when your lawyer calls or emails you. If they have to spend a lot of time trying to get in touch, that’ll add to your bill. Be as responsive as you can so your case can get wrapped up faster.

Consider Mediation

If your case has to go to court, you’re looking at a lot more time spent with your lawyer and a lot more money spent trying to get things resolved.

If you’re trying to save money, look for a way to settle out of court. The lawyers at Stepp & Sullivan recommend trying for mediation whenever possible to wrap your case up and come to an agreement without having to spend hours in a courtroom.

This might mean being willing to give a little in terms of what you’ll accept, but it might be worth it from a financial perspective.

Limit the Small Talk 

If you have to spend a lot of time working with your lawyer, it’s easy to get familiar with them and start chatting about your day-to-day activities or other areas of your life.

It’s great to feel comfortable with your lawyer. Remember, though, that when you’re meeting with them, you’re on the clock.

The longer you spend shooting the breeze, the longer it’ll take to get to the issues that matter most — the ones related to your case. To avoid wasting time and running up your bill, limit the small talk and get down to brass tacks as soon as possible.

Save on Your Legal Fees Today

As you can see, there are lots of steps you can take to save money on your legal fees.

Don’t let a lack of funds stop you from getting the help and support you need. With a little planning and research, you can find ways to reduce your legal costs while still getting guidance and you go through the ups and downs of your case.

Do you need more legal advice? Whether you need help finding the right lawyer or deciding if you need to hire a lawyer at all, we’ve got resources for you. Check out some of our other legal articles today.

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