How to Use a Vape: A Simple Guide for Beginners

Close up on a man exhaling vapor from an electronic cigarette

Did you know vaping CBD can provide a sense of calm or relief from anxiety and pain? If you haven’t vaped before, but want to learn how to use a vape, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to use a vape pen. You’ll learn some tips to make your vaping experience fun.

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Get a Vape Device

If you’re new to the vaping world, head to a local store to buy your first vape device. Ask for a clerk’s advice.

You could choose between a pod mod, e-cig, or vape pen. Make sure that the vaporizer supports your vaping materials.

I’d you like to combine different things, pick a multi-compatible vaporizer. This way, you can work with different materials. After you get a basic starter kit, you can start vaping.

Where Are You Vaping?

Before you vape, you’ll want to make sure you’re allowed to if you’re not at home.

Check ahead of time before vaping, so you don’t get into trouble or bother anyone.

Power Your Device Up

After you have read through the manual, you’ll need to check the power source. Most vapes have batteries that you can charge with the charger included in the kit.

Use the right charger or the batteries could blow up. It will take time for the batteries to charge. Most chargers will have an indicator light to show when the batteries have charged.

Turn the Vape on and Check the Power Setting

Click the power button a few times. You should also look at the power level.

Most new vape devices have an option to change the wattage setting. Start with a low setting like 20-30 watts. You can increase it as you vape.

Is There Enough E-Juice?

You don’t want to take a dry hit on your first inhale. Make sure there’s enough juice. If you need help, ask the cashier or a friend.

You could ruin your wick, coil, or atomizer if you don’t have enough e-juice. Make sure everything’s well-saturated.

If you want a stronger hit, consider concentrates. Learn about concentrates for beginners.

Inhale the Vapor

You’ll want to learn how to inhale the right way. Otherwise, you might have a negative experience.

Put the mouthpiece inside your mouth. Inhale the vapor by pressing and holding the power button.

Some prefer the cigar puff, puffing in the same manner as you would if smoking a cigar. Inhale the vapor into your lungs and puff. You can do this with both high power and low power devices.

Maintaining and Cleaning Your Vape

It’s essential to keep your vaporizer clean. Some people only clean their gear once a week. Try to clean your equipment every time you use a new juice. Keep an eye on the tank.

Now You Know More About How to Use a Vape

We hope this guide on vaping was helpful. Now that you know more about how to use a vape, find a starter kit. Don’t forget to prime your vape pen before using it.

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