Ink Regrets? 3 Tattoo Removal Options to Consider

So you got drunk with some of your best friends and you all decided it’d be a great idea to get a best friend tattoo. 

While tattoos can be meaningful investments there are some ink choices that can haunt you. If you’ve always wondered what kind of tattoo removal options are out there, keep reading.

But keep in mind. Tattoos are pretty permanent. Getting rid of your ink may be tricky. As well as painful. Make sure you research each removal option carefully and contact a medical professional before giving it a try. 

Laser Removal

One of the most effective ways of getting rid of that ratchet heart with your ex-ex-ex girlfriend’s name scrawled across it is laser removal. 

Laser tattoo removal can be extremely expensive. As well as painful. Unfortunately though, it’s one of the few methods recommended by medical professionals all over the world. 

Lasers will break through the epidermis layers, breaking down the pigments of your tattoo. The fragmented ink will then be removed naturally by your body over the coming months and years. This process may take several sessions before you see a marked difference in your tattoo fading. 

Be prepared to spend a pretty penny if you’re thinking about removing a tattoo this way. Average costs range from $250-800 a session. Always make sure you’re doing it with an accredited medical facility. 

Salabrasion and Dermabrasion

One of the oldest forms of tattoo removal is salabrasion. 

This painful and frankly, ineffective, method of removal involves taking a salt based concoction and rubbing it forcefully across the skin. 

Dermabrasion involves much the same type of dermal assault. Only instead of using salt, you use a mechanical device to scrub at your skin in a circular motion that will remove layers of skin. 

These forceful methods are painful and can lead to longterm damage to the skin. While finding diy methods may seem like an easy way to escape your tattoo mistakes, it may cause more damage to your body in the long run. 

Surgical Removal 

Like laster treatments, sometimes drastic measures are necessary for tattoo removal. If you’re desperate to get rid of a tattoo and don’t mind the potential scar that may be left behind, consider getting it surgically altered or removed entirely.

Excision should always be done by a medical professional. It will leave behind some nasty scarring that you will most likely never escape. 

Need More Tattoo Removal Options? 

If you’re looking for more advice on how many tattoo removal options may be out there, check out our blog

From the weird to the fascinating, we have information on a little bit of everything. Tattoos may seem like a great idea but they should never be gotten on a whim. Make sure you research all of your designs and sit down with a professional artist before going under the gun. 

Removing a tattoo takes a lot more work than getting one. And it may run you a lot more money in the end too. 

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