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Is CBD from Hemp? 8 Fascinating CBD Facts to Know

Around 14% of Americans use CBD. Learn why more people are taking CBD from hemp than ever.

In the United States, 1 in 7 adults use CBD products because CBD is life-changing. It unlocks worlds of health and wellness that you never knew existed.

You, too, can experience CBD’s healing benefits. Learning more about CBD will convince you that it’s beneficial to take CBD.

Here are 8 important CBD facts you should know:

1. CBD From Hemp Won’t Get You High

CBD (cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid present in both hemp and marijuana plants. However, CBD itself doesn’t get you high.

People often confuse CBD with THC. THC is the cannabinoid that gives marijuana its psychoactive effects. 

CBD oil that comes from hemp plants won’t get you high. According to section 10113 of the Farm Bill, hemp plants must contain less than 0.3% of THC by weight.

Thus, it’s impossible to get intoxicated on such a small fraction of THC. 

2. CBD Can Reduce THC’s Psychoactive Effects

Anyone who takes CBD to get high is in for a let-down: Taking CBD can negate THC’s effects.

In other words, if you’ve already ingested THC somehow, taking CBD can decrease the “high” you feel. That’s why experts recommend CBD to people who are experiencing THC’s negative effects such as paranoia, dissociation, and more.

It’s also impossible to overdose on CBD. If you take a high CBD dosage, the most that’ll happen is you’ll get sleepy. For this reason, you shouldn’t take a high dosage of CBD before driving a car or operating machinery.

3. CBD Isolate Versus Full-Spectrum Products

There are 2 basic forms of CBD: CBD isolates and full-spectrum CBD. One form has a clear advantage over the other.

CBD isolate is literally CBD that’s “isolated” from the rest of the plant. It’s created with an extraction process that “isolates” the CBD from the other plant compounds.

Full-spectrum CBD products contain CBD along with the other cannabinoids present in hemp. The extraction process involves extracting the “full-spectrum” of plant compounds instead of just the CBD. This lets you reap the benefits of the other healing cannabinoids and terpenes present in hemp plants.

Taking CBD isolate versus full-spectrum CBD is kind of like taking a vitamin C supplement versus eating a whole orange. Ingesting CBD isolate is akin to taking a vitamin C pill.

Taking a full-spectrum CBD product, however, is like eating an orange: It gives your body all of the nutrients, vitamins, and other good stuff present in the orange. 

Plus, full-spectrum CBD gives you this major benefit:

4. The Entourage Effect

When you take full-spectrum CBD products, you’re more likely to experience something called “the entourage effect.” The entourage effect refers to experiencing greater health benefits from ingesting multiple compounds in the hemp plant together. 

The synergistic effects of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other properties of hemp create this famous effect. That’s why it’s better to take full-spectrum CBD products than CBD isolate.

You’re more likely to experience the entourage effect if you buy CBD products from this company. You’ll find the best organic and full-spectrum products at the aforementioned link. Plus, they sell the most potent CBD oil out there.

5. CBD Is (Mostly) Legal

Because people associate CBD with cannabis, many think CBD is illegal. Still, the 2018 Farm Bill legalized CBD from hemp in the United States.

You can thank the 2018 Farm Bill for allowing businesses to sell CBD products. However, certain cities are imposing restrictions on CBD products.

For example, restaurants in New York City can’t add CBD to food or drinks. However, consumers who live in the NYC area can still order CBD products on their own. Research your local laws to make sure there aren’t any restrictions before ordering a CBD product.

6. CBD Oil Isn’t Hemp Oil

What is CBD oil? CBD oil is a tincture that contains CBD. However, CBD oil isn’t the same thing as regular hemp oil.

Generic hemp oil comes from hemp seeds. Hemp seeds don’t contain CBD, so you won’t get CBD benefits from consuming hemp oil.

What is CBD oil good for? Here’s why you’ll want to experience CBD oil’s benefits:

7. CBD Can Improve Many Conditions

Researchers are interested in CBD’s healing properties. That’s why the scientific community is discovering more benefits of CBD than ever.

According to a study in 2010, CBD reduces anxiety in people with SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder). Other studies support CBD’s ability to reduce anxiety.

The European Journal of Pain conducted an animal study with CBD. The findings indicate that topically applying CBD to the skin can decrease arthritis pain and inflammation. This supports the claim that CBD is good for reducing neuropathic and inflammatory pain.

Even better, the World Health Organization (WHO) claims that pure CBD is safe for human consumption. But humans aren’t the only ones taking CBD:

8. CBD for Pets

How do you use CBD oil? In droplets for both you and your pet! Nonetheless, it’s important to be thorough about dosing and take certain precautions.

Only pure CBD is safe for pets. The biggest CBD danger to pets comes from taking a contaminated CBD product.

It’s also important to be aware of any other medications your pet is taking. CBD might interact with their meds. Ask a veterinarian whether or not it’s safe for your pet to take CBD.

If you give your pet CBD, watch out for any negative reactions. Only increase the dosage if your pet is reacting well to their current dosage. Giving your pet too high of a dosage can make them sleepy or cause changes in appetite.

Let CBD Be Your New BFF

Thanks to CBD, around 42% of CBD users stopped taking their traditional medications. This proves that CBD from hemp is highly effective.

Experts think the CBD market will increase in upcoming years. That means more CBD products will be coming out in the future, so look out for them!

Do yourself a solid favor—read more of our articles about health and wellness. Your body and mind will thank you for it.


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