Online Slots Guide: How to Play Online Slot Machines

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Online gambling provides thrill and excitement when living outside of hot spots like Vegas, Macau, and Klerksdorp. Sadly, restrictions block online gambling in many countries leaving a void. You’ve got options though… by following our online slots guide.

Our guide shares how to start playing online slots anywhere in the world. And, gives you a couple tips and tricks when pulling the lever. So, if you’re ready to spin the reels, then geek out with us and follow along.

The GeekyGambler’s Online Slots Guide

Worldwide gambling laws and restrictions are omnipresent. Though, some places have a relaxed policy with play. Those in Europe and Austrailia have full reign whereas the Americas get the unlucky draw.

Playing slot machines online follow closely to these laws and restrictions. But, there are some exceptions — and this gives you enough wiggle room to place your bets.

The Where and When to Play Online Slots

There are dozens of online casinos listed here on GeekyGamblers. Most include online slots since they’re the most popular game type. We recommend sorting our listings by rating and analyzing our reviews for each.

Three starters would include:

  • Sloty
  • Scandibet
  • BitStarz

These include deposit bonus spins giving more action on sign-up. This lets you get a feel for each casino and game vs wagering all your money out the gate.

There’s no given time when to play online slots. These machines operate 24/7 unless the site undergoes maintenance (which is rare). But, we recommend playing when you’re alert to avoid sleep-deprived bets.

The Basics of Online Slot Machines

Slots are confusing the first time you play. But, it begins to make sense the longer you’re spinning the reels and learning the basics.

A few, basics to remember include:


This is the random number generator. The game rapidly cycles numbers/icons culminating with random results. This is the “odds” working behind-the-scenes with each play.

Pay Lines

Games have single or hundreds of pay lines from across to zigzag. Group icons in the pay lines and you’ve won. Playing more pay lines increase the value (and winnings) of each bet.


These wildcard symbols match the prior reel. And, complete a reel and pay line if their following symbol matches with those prior.


This is the minimum and maximum bet you can play. The min/max represents each bet and multiplies by pay line.


Other modifiers like ‘scatter’ and ‘bonus’ vary by the slot machine. You’ll find what each means with the machine’s on-screen instructions. Otherwise, refer to a good gambling guide so you’re not relying 100% on luck.

The Gameplay and Collecting Winnings

There are many variations of online slot play — like:

  • 3-reel
  • Progressive
  • Video
  • Free Spins

Progressive slots are some of the most popular because winnings increase with each game. You’ll find many mixing gameplay features like ‘free spins’ with fun videos and music.

The gameplay is simple:

  1. Select the pay lines
  2. Place your bets
  3. Spin the reels

Did you spin a few reels and hit the jackpot? It’s time to collect the winnings!

The payout typically happens like this:

  1. The casino will verify they can pay you based on laws/restrictions
  2. You’ll provide proof such as an ID or income source
  3. Casino’s deposit money to the account, send a checkĀ or pay via OPS

Money should reach your account within a few business days for most casinos.

Try Your Luck, Spin the Reels

This online slots guide gave you the basics. Now, explore your love for slots through one of the many, great online casinos. And, keep up with casino news for regular promotions and bonuses!

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