Ringing in the New Year With a Full Wallet: How to Plan a New Year’s Eve Party On a Budget

There isn’t any day of the year that prescribes to have a party more than New Year’s Eve. It isn’t hard to feel like it should be a big and fancy party event. But you don’t have to start out the new year by spending lots of money. 

You can have a New Year’s Eve Party and be economical. That doesn’t mean you have to sit in front of the TV and eat popcorn. You can celebrate the New Year by using one (or more) of these great and thrifty party ideas.

1. Plan Entertainment

No party is a party without some fun entertainment for your guests. What’s a party without some music? Plan out a New Year’s Eve playlist from online music sources. 

Plan ahead by looking at television broadcasts. Each offers a long list of entertainers. Consider which entertainers your guests will enjoy and take advantage of that big screen TV. 

You can also take advantage of free movies from your local library for New Year’s Eve viewing. 

Grab out your favorite games for group participation. Think Twister and Jenga.

2. Go For A Theme

A party is more fun with a theme. Let your guests in on the theme. Ask them to dress for the theme. Plan your food and games connected to that theme. 

Grab the Hawaiian shirts, throw on a lei and mix up the tropical drink. Have a wintertime beach bash. Wash out the sand toys and throw on the flip flops.

Another idea is to throw a color-themed party like a black and white party. Ask guests to dress in the color and challenge your guests to get creative with those colors for the party. 

How about going with the time theme? Pull out every clock you own. Place them out for the party and set them to go off for the New Year. 

3. Be Deliberate With Food

There is a misconception that your New Year’s Eve party food has to be fancy. You don’t need to serve caviar and beef tenderloin to have a fun party.

Try keeping your party food to simple appetizers. Or even better ask each guest to bring a simple appetizer for the party. 

If you want a main course meal, be a little different. Think of a hearty casserole or big pan food. Plan a big pan of enchiladas for your Mexican-themed party. Grab the red wine and make a big pan of lasagna.

Embrace the potluck idea. Ask each of your guests to bring their favorite celebratory food. 

4. BYOB and a Signature Drink

You know one of the biggest expenses of any party is the alcohol. Ask your guests to bring their own drinks. It saves you the expense and everyone gets what they really want. 

Add to the party by offering a signature drink for the night. It could go with your theme. Or you could make a celebratory champagne punch. A punch goes further and costs less, but is still celebratory.

5. Take Advantage Of Local Celebrations

Local cities and towns all over the world throw their own outdoor New Year’s Eve celebrations. There is often not only economical but big celebrations with music and entertainment. 

Your local town may throw a party in the local park. Maybe one of your city’s museums throws open its doors for a party.

Sydney New Years Eve 2019 is celebrated at the botanical garden. Bring a picnic and take in the view and Opera House fireworks. 

New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

New Year’s Eve party ideas don’t have to break the bank. You and your guests can get creative to throw a party worthy of celebrating a new year. Use one (or more) of these ideas, to throw a party to be remembered for years to come. 

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