Stay Cool, Calm, and Collected With These Top 10 Things to Collect

things to collect

Some of us are drawn to certain objects, and we want to collect and take care of these things, even if we’re not sure why.

Whether it’s records, marbles, owls, earrings, key-chains or matchbox cars, the act of collecting actually has positive impacts on your health.

Having a collection can help you be more creative, have stronger organizational skills, be a better observer, and form longer-lasting social connections.

If you’ve never had a collection before, you might want to think about starting one. If you’re not sure where to begin, take a look at this list of the ten most popular things to collect.

1. Rocks & Minerals

Amateur geologists all over the world love to get jazzed about seeing each other’s rock and mineral collections.

There are thousands of different types of rocks and minerals on this planet, and most geology enthusiasts are drawn towards certain kinds.

What’s really cool about collecting rocks and minerals is that you can see rare specimens in museums, shop for them at gem and mineral shows, OR you can even hunt for them yourself, if you know where to look.

2. Sports Memorabilia

Sports memorabilia collectors can be passionate about a wide range of things – anything from baseball cards to basketball jerseys, to football helmets.

Basically, any object associated with a famous sports icon is going to appeal to somebody out there. The more famous the athlete, the more valuable the item.

For some people, though it’s not about the monetary value; it’s more about the sentiment behind it. You might collect the golf tees from every game you’ve ever played (even though they’re certainly not worth anything).

3. Antiques

Antique collectors are interested in a huge array of different objects, just as long as they’re old.

There’s no hard and fast rule about what makes something an antique, though many collectors go by the 100-year-old standard – that something needs to be at least 100 years old to be considered an antique.

Some collectors love antique Coca-Cola ephemera, some love furniture, some love antique toys. There is definitely something for everyone in the world of antiques.

4. Stamps

Believe it or not, the name for someone who collects stamps is a “philatelist.” So if you’re someone who enjoys having a fancy title, then stamp collecting might be for you.

Stamp collections are great because they take up very little space, and are easy to transport. Finding rare stamps online is relatively easy to do, and there is an almost infinite number of message boards where philatelists can swap stories about their collection.

5. Model Trains

Collecting model trains is a rewarding and exciting hobby at any age – and they’re a lot more than just a toy.

Each train has a unique story and history behind it, letting you bring the past to life in your own home. There are even some models out there that are actually steam powered.

Check out to browse a high-quality collection of live steam locomotives.

6. Photographs

Collecting photographs is an age-old tradition. In this time of social media, most of our pictures only exist online. But actually having photographs printed and organized into albums can be a fulfilling hobby (and a wonderful gift for friends and family).

Or you might be interested in collecting old photographs, which can often be found in antique stores and flea markets at very low prices.

7. China, Porcelain or Pottery

The world is full of different types of china, porcelain, and pottery.

Whether you’re interested in pottery from a particular region, a certain time period, or simply because of the color or style, they can all make gorgeous collections that add a lot to your home decor.

8. Plants

Another way to add beauty to your home is by collecting plants. Succulents, ferns, orchids, lilies – any type of plants that interest you can make a great collection.

Houseplants help to detoxify your living environment, and are known to make people happier and healthier.

9. Books

People with book addictions can’t really explain what makes them want to get as many as they can. It might just be the smell, or the way a bookcase looks when it’s full of books of all shapes and sizes.

But there are some very valuable books out there as well. A copy of the original Magna Carta was sold in 2007 for 23.5 million dollars. Imagine adding that to your collection!

10. Coins

Coin collectors have been tracking and cataloging their collections since about as long as coins themselves have been used.

For travel aficionados, a coin collection can be a meaningful way to memorialize your adventures.

So Many Things to Collect, So Little Time

With all of these great things to collect, you’re probably itching to get started. Working on your collection is a great way to help reduce stress in your life.

Take a look at our blog for other great ideas on how to manage your work-life balance.

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