5 Of the Most Creative WiFi Names Guaranteed to Make Your Neighbors Laugh

creative wifi names

What does your wifi network name say about you? Sure, you could name it “Ashley” if your name is “Ashley,” or call it “Fluffy” after your dog, but the best wifi network names are funny and not overused.

That means “FBI surveillance van” is out, sorry, but there are a lot of other options besides that.

It doesn’t matter if you have a super fast Internet connection or one that conks out every day at midnight; you can still have fun with your wifi name.

Keep reading for some creative wifi names that will give the neighborhood a chuckle.

Get Off My LAN

A Local Area Network, or LAN, is an Internet connection limited to a small area like an apartment, house, or even office building. A wifi connection is a wireless LAN, and the word “LAN” lends itself to a lot of puns. The one above is a play on “Get Off My Lawn.

We like “Get Off Your LAN” because it’s a way to sound playfully cranky, not full-on cranky and mad at your neighbors.

I Hear Sexy Noises

You may think this is funny, and the people walking through your complex who see it pop up on their phone may also see it funny.

But you should avoid wifi names that call out your neighbor directly, unless, of course, you know your neighbor would think it funny. In that case, go for it.

They might even return the favor by renaming their wifi something like “At Least I Have a Girlfriend.”

Bill Wi the Science Fi

This is both a play on words and a reference to everyone’s favorite science educator, Bill Nye.

The neighbors who grew up watching Bill Nye will love you for jogging their memory. The ones who don’t remember him?

They won’t think much of it at all. They definitely won’t get offended, either, unless they have something against words like “Bill” or “science.”


The Internet of things, or IoT, refers to devices that we don’t think of as being Internet-capable. That’s basically anything except a laptop, desktop, mobile phone, or tablet.

If you have a fridge, washing machine, or other devices with Internet connectivity, use that to have some fun with your network name.

Molly’s Mashed Potato Emporium

Sometimes the best wifi network names are the ones that make you laugh and confuse everyone else. It can be a random assortment of words or an inside joke that no one except you will get.

The neighbors won’t think you’re running a potato restaurant out of your apartment, but it might spur them to order some mashed potatoes and gravy from DoorDash. If you’re lucky, they’ll even offer you some.

You Need More Than Creative Wifi Names

Coming up with creative wifi names is an awesome way to blow off steam, and you can change it as often as you feel like doing so.

Cool wifi names make you feel smart. If you want the rest of your home to feel smart as well, read our blog for the latest news and info.

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