Taking a Deep Dive: What Is e-Juice and How Is It Made?

what is e juice

You know what they say: You are what you eat.

But you also might be what you vape.

As vaping takes the world by storm as an alternative to cancer-causing cigarette smoking, it’s worth your while to know your stuff.

So, what is e juice?

Let’s dive deep and dissect this “cloudy” topic.

What Is E Juice?

Made for use in electronic cigarettes, also called vaporizers, e juice is a liquid that’s incinerated to produce thick clouds of steamy vapor.

It’s not smoke, so it’s not as hard on the lungs, but doctors are hesitant to call vaping 100% safe.

While primarily made of glycerin, the mysterious liquid comes in many strengths, flavors, and colors.

Most people take what is in vape juice for granted, and never question the safety or makeup of what they’re smoking. The federally unregulated material can range from highly affordable when bought in bulk to boutique and limited flavor profiles that can cost a pretty penny.

Buying pre-made vape juice at an online vapor store is still the most common way to get your e liquid fix, there’s a growing number of hobbyists who are creative and brave enough to create their own vaping concoctions.

The four major ingredients in any good e juice are:

  • Propylene glycol
  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Flavor concentrate
  • Nicotine

Breaking Down the Vape

Let’s break it down and explore each element:

Propylene glycol, called PG for short, is a pharmaceutical grade liquid with a slight sweet taste. It is used as a moistener in many products, and is classified as an alcohol. Ingesting and inhaling PG is safe for humans.

Vegetable glycerin, also called VG, makes up the majority of vaping liquid. You can purchase it by the gallon if you’re a pro vaper that wants to make your own e juice. Your dense vape clouds are majority VG.

Flavor concentrates are where the fun begins. Popular flavors range from menthol to citrus to savories like vanilla and cream soda.

Most e juice has a prominent flavor profile, but you’ll find plenty at retail stores that mix several flavors — such as coconut cream pie and hazelnut mocha toffee.

Nicotine is an optional addition, and most e juice contains at least a trace amount.

DIY E Juice

Answers may vary when people ask a DIY e juice maker, “What is in vape juice?”

It’s becoming increasingly popular to make your own e juice, with different levels of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin to tweak a pro vaper’s smoke.

Vegetable glycerin doesn’t burn the throat, and will make huge clouds. If you’re into vape tricks, you’ll want a VG heavy drip. Usually, 80% vegetable glycerin makes for a typical e juice.

Propylene glycerin doesn’t make the thick clouds that vaping enthusiasts love, but it’s cool and clean.

Pro Tip: Don’t use flavorings you can buy at the grocery store, because some will contain elements that are harmful to inhale. Order flavors from vape juice manufacturers, which you can find in stores and online.

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