7 Essential Vaping Accessories Every Beginner Needs to Be a Real Vaper

If you’re thinking of diving into the awesome world of vaping, you’re not alone. As a matter of fact, the CDC estimates that over 9 million adults vape on a regular basis. Millions more vape casually.

While vaping is an excellent way to kick back and relax after a long day or just enjoy being social on a weekend, getting started in the vaping scene can seem a little more complicated than it needs to be.

Beginners often find themselves asking questions like, “How can I get the best smoking experience?” or “How do I get different vape flavors?”

To help you ease your transition into vaping, below, our team has put together a quick list of vaping accessories that we feel are a must-have for all newbies!

1. eJuice Flavors

The best part about vaping is the variety of flavors you’ll have access to which makes it so no two experiences ever need to be the same. Flavors for vaping come in the way of eJuice (or eLiquid or eFlavors, etc.) that you pour into your vape’s tank.

eJuice flavors are virtually unlimited and come in every variety, from Lucky Charms to Green Tea and beyond!

To make sure the eJuice you get is safe, be sure to find a reputable eJuice distributor that’s well reviewed online.

2. A Spare Battery

Imagine this…

You’ve just bought an awesome vape from this vape site¬†and you’re loving vaping. After a few hours though, your battery dies and now you need to wait for it to charge in order to pick up where you left off.

Unless you’re a fan of waiting (and who is?) we recommend having a spare vape battery that you always keep hooked up to a wall charger. Armed with a spare vaping battery, whenever the battery in your vape passes out, you can just run inside, swap batteries, and keep enjoying yourself.

3. USB Charger

Most vapes will charge via USB. If yours does and your car doesn’t have USB outlets, you’ll want to pick up a USB charger that you can keep in your purse or in your car’s glove box.

That way, no matter where you’re at, you can confidently charge your vape and never miss an opportunity for a little rest and relaxation.

Pro Tip: Any small USB charger you’d buy on Amazon that would work to charge a phone is more than good enough for your vape. No need to overdo it by buying a bulky portable charger or a “power bank”.

4. A Cloth

Keeping your vape wrapped in a cloth is a great idea to deal with any messy situations that may crop up. To be specific, we’ve seen a lot of instances where vapers are looking to fill their tanks in a car and end up spilling.

In order to keep your vape clean and mop up any mess made on you or your surroundings, having a cloth on-hand can be a serious life saver.

5. Multiple Tanks

In vaping, there’s a phenomenon called “flavor ghosting”. Flavor ghosting is when you switch up vape flavors but can still taste remnants from the last flavor in your tank.

This mixture of flavors creates a muddied taste which can seriously ruin your experience.

To avoid this happening, A) Always clean your tanks before switching flavors and/or B) Dedicate separate tanks to separate flavors.

If you have separate tanks dedicated to certain flavors, you never have to worry about flavors getting cross-contaminated.

6. A Cleaning Kit

Like any other electronic devices, vapes require regular cleaning in order to keep things running at peak condition. That’s why we always recommend that vaping newbies pick up a cleaning kit as one of their first vaping accessories.

Cleaning kits will come with all of the tools you need to take apart your vape and make sure its internal components are free from any performance inhibiting resin.

Keeping your device clean will help it better regulate its temperature, preserve flavor, and ultimately allow your device to last for a much longer time!

7. A Starter Kit

Are you getting overwhelmed by all of the vaping accessories we’re recommending you pick up? If so, take a deep breath, forget everything we’ve just said and just pick up a quality starter kit.

Vaping starter kits come in all different shapes and sizes. All will include a vape and the majority of the accessories we’ve mentioned above.

If there’s anything that’s missing from your starter kit that we’ve recommended, you can always just pick up that item a-la-carte.

Be wary of the actual vape that comes in your starter kit. Many times cheap manufacturers make sub-par products and package them together in hopes of raising their value proposition.

At the end of the day though, packaging a bunch of bad items together doesn’t make any of the items better. It just means you own a lot of low-quality stuff.

Wrapping Up Essential Vaping Accessories Every Beginner Needs to Be a Real Vaper

If you’re looking to crash the vaping scene in a big way, you’re going to want to enlist the help of the awesome vaping accessories we’ve mentioned above. We’re confident that each of them will help improve your vaping experience and make it so the practice of vaping seems second nature to you in no time.

Happy vaping!

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