The 8 Craziest MLB World Series Winners: The Good, The Bad, and The Dugout Crazy

mlb world series winners

The World Series is one of America’s longest standing, most beloved, and highly anticipated athletic traditions. Little says “America” like a day at the ballpark watching baseball, and little says a “baseball” like the World Series.

With so much emphasis placed on the beloved series, you know that there is a history of insane endings, brawls, and iconic home runs. We’ve compiled a list of those iconic World Series Moments just for you.

Enjoy this list of the best MLB World Series winners.

8 Craziest MLB World Series Winners

There may be some contention on how we order the list– people tend to get pretty fired up about these things. That being said, some iconic moments are difficult to deny.

Let’s see what you think.

8. 1962 – Yankees vs Giants

The Yankees had a hunger, having only lost the Series two years prior in the final game. This time, Yankee pitcher, Ralph Terry managed to throw a shutout game.

The greatness of this moment in comparison comes in the fact that at 0-0 in the 9th, Terry was pitching to Willie McCovey who would later become a Hall of Fame hitter. Terry managed to keep his shutout because of a great play by the second baseman.

7. 1979 – Pirates vs Orioles

This game was significant in large part because it was won by only one man. Willie Stargell dominated the game, hitting the winning home run.

6. 1926 – Cardinals vs Yankees

This game was won by a relief pitcher. Not only a pitcher, a drunk one. Pete Alexander had been so successful in game six that he went out on the town to celebrate.

He spent the whole game 7 sleeping in the dugout, only to be called in and eventually win the game.

5. 1952 – Yankees vs Dodgers

The Dodgers almost dethroned the infamous spot of the mid-century Yankees, but couldn’t pull through in the last inning. The game was more disappointing than exciting, but intensely memorable nonetheless.

4. 2001 – Diamond Backs vs Yankees

This series ended in a simple way after two hard-fought battles. Perfect displays of tactical baseball ended in a simple Texas-leaguer that landed just outside of arms reach.

3. 2016 – Cubs vs Indians

This game was important for every baseball fan of this century or the last. That’s because this game marked the end of the curse of the great Bambino. If you don’t know what that curse is, you have some reading to do.

Thank goodness we had the Wrigley field live cam for that game.

2. 1991 – Twins vs Braves

This series was exceptional in the sense that the final two games were laced with heavy tension and excitement. To start, the 6th game ended when Kirby Pucket hit the most exciting walk-off home run in Twins history.

The second night ended with 10 shutout innings from Jack Morris and a walk-off double to end the series with a Twins victory.

1. 1960 – Pirates vs Yankees

This game is the greatest for the sole fact that it is the only World Series ever to be won with a walk-off home run. Bill Mazeroski, an unlikely hero, did his job to balance the playing field of Major League Baseball and set an example of the rest of the league’s sluggers.

You can imagine that whoever bet on the Pirates made a nice chunk of change that day.

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