8 Unique and Outrageously Fun Wedding Themes

wedding themes

Around 9 out of 10 Americans claim love is the best reason to get married. Use wedding themes to create a time your guests will remember forever.

About 76% of Americans value companionship in marriage. Celebrate your lifelong companionship with mind-blowing wedding theme ideas.

Your love is worth celebrating with unique wedding themes. Here are some wedding theme ideas that will shake you to your core:

1. Wedding Themes: Hawaiian Wedding

Give your special day a Hawaiian flare with a Hawaii-themed wedding. Use Hawaiian themes for your invitations, guestbook, food, and decorations. Your wedding cake can even be a pineapple upside down cake.

If your friends don’t know what to wear, tell them to wear a Hawaiian wedding shirt.

2. Cats

If you and your honey are cat people, you’ll love a cat-themed wedding. Cats are easy to incorporate into a wedding. For instance, feature your cat(s) or other kitties on your wedding invitations.

Go above and beyond by putting ceramic cats on your wedding cake. You’re welcome.

3. Harry Potter

Harry Potter weddings are perfect for Potterhead couples. You can send out invitations that look like Hogwarts letters and serve Harry Potter-themed drinks.

There’s so much you can do with a Harry Potter wedding. Have your guests use quills to sign your guestbook. Assign a different “house” (Hufflepuff, anyone?) to sections of your guests.

The possibilities are endless.

4. Big Lebowski

If you’re a fan of The Dude, throw a wedding everyone will love by basing your theme off of the movie, The Big Lebowski. Ideally, this wedding would be held in a bowling alley, not a church.

Dress up your wedding party like characters from the movie and serve White Russians for drinks. If you can, hire a priest in Dudeism to perform your ceremony and write your vows in a Lebowski-esque style.

5. Autumn

Themed weddings related to seasons are a hit. If your wedding is happening during the fall, turn the season into your wedding theme.

Incorporate autumn into your wedding. For instance, decorate your tables with pumpkins. Exchange diamond rings and vows in an apple orchard or harvest setting.

You can even top your wedding cake with a pumpkin.

6. Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon weddings are perfect for anime fans and the otaku community in general. The bridal party will all be dressed up as sailor scouts. The bride will dress up as Sailor Moon (or Princess Serenity due to her white dress).

The bridal party and the bride will carry wands like the sailor scouts did. The decorations should be moon-themed and starry.

7. Haunted

If you wish Halloween lasted all year long, a haunted wedding is 1 of the most fun wedding themes you’ll ever experience.

Use Halloween decorations to create a spooky vibe. Top your wedding cake with skeletons. Serve red wine in vintage chalices.

8. Library/Books

If you love books, this wedding theme will rock your world. A library-themed wedding utilizes books for decorations and meaning.

Make literary references and include quotes in your vows. Decorate tables with books and bouquets made of pages. Give out stylish pens or pencils to your guests.

Celebrate Your Wedding With a Theme

Each couple spends an average of $33,391 for their wedding. These wedding themes will make every cent worth the effort you’ll put in.

People crave unconventional weddings. If you’re one of these people, a theme wedding is your answer.

Invest in your love life by learning more about sex and relationships. Your marriage will be happier.

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