The Ultimate Guide to Home Storage Organization

home storage organization

Over the years, we tend to accumulate a lot of stuff. Some of us are good at getting rid of things, some of us are a few shopping trips away from an episode of Hoarders.

If you need more storage space, sometimes you need to be clever about it. Short of building an extension on your house, there are quite a few home storage organization tricks you can do.

You’ve got a few choices; Go up, go under, go outside. Following are a few ways you can clear away the clutter without having to throw away your possessions.

Guide to Home Storage Organization

Whether you have a collection of certain items or perhaps you work from home and have a lot of stock, there are simple ways to have them out from underfoot.


This tends to be an area we all need a bit of extra room. Just freeing up counter space will make a huge difference.


Put in a small, thin shelf above the shelves in the cupboards. Adding a small shelf over the main shelves will allow you to fill in the extra space. You can use it for smaller items, like teacups or small bowls. It will double your space.


Putting some small shelves or storage containers underneath the counters will allow you to store things away you don’t always use.

Add a magazine rack to the inside of a cabinet door to store all your boxes of food wrap. They stay organized and don’t fall apart.

Add a pull-out shelf that you can easily store pots, pans or your plastic food containers. It helps keep them all together and it’s so much easier to access them.


Add a hanging basket for storage of fruits and vegetables. You can find layered ones and keep all sorts of things stored away from the countertop. It will free up space in the fridge and the kids might eat the fruit if they can see it.

A large wire frame hung from the ceiling will hold all your pots and pans. It clears up so much cupboard space for other items.


Here is another area we need some help. Piles of clothes and shoes spilling out all over.

Top Shelves

Putting in shelving around the perimeter of your room up high can really take a lot of the clutter off the main space. Use it for books, trophies, keepsakes and more.

Under the bed

We’ve all stuffed our things under the bed to get them out of the way, but consider having drawers installed. You can build them yourself if you are handy or buy a bed frame with storage space built-in.

Wall Space

Try using a corkboard for pinning your jewelry on. You will be able to find what you are looking for and your chains won’t get tangled up together.

You can use hooks or flat board with pegs to hang shoes or other items on. It clears space off the floor and the closet.

Hanging Storage

Hanging baskets, hanging clothing bags or even a large blanket or piece of fabric will work as a place to pin and hang items. You can hang a clothing rack to keep it from taking up floor space.

Even a clothesline across the room will free up space and you can hang clothes, use it as a room divider or hang some artwork on it.


Use your corners wisely. You can put in a corner stand that really makes use of otherwise dead space. Put up a corner frame to hang clothes on for more closet space or lack of it.


If your garage or shed is overrun with a lot of junk, you can get that sorted out. The shed is meant to be extra space for storage, so it’s best to utilize the space to your best advantage.

Put up shelves in the garage to store all your Christmas items and sporting equipment. Try using the plastic stackable storage bin to ease up space. Using the drawer type of storage makes it easy to sort and label everything.

Hang your tools on hooks to keep them organized and within easy reach. If you have cupboards, put hooks on the inside to hang your smaller tools.


A small shed in the backyard can be used to store not only the lawn mower but household items, as well. You can add shelving and stackable storage bins to really add space to the yard, the garage and the help with the extras in the house.

These sheds can also be used as an extra room. You can clear off your patio or cramped balcony and make yourself a little space to relax and enjoy your back garden.

Portable Storage

If your tool or garden shed is being used for everything but, consider a portable storage unit. This is a great solution if you are moving or need temporary storage solutions.

They deliver a unit, you fill it and they come to pick it up until you need it again. If you need to clear out the backyard for a wedding or you are just getting ahead of a big move, it’s perfect for a short-term storage problem.

It’s better than renting storage where you need to drive back and forth to very often. It’s perfect if you work from home and need access to your product on a regular basis. You can learn more here.

Sweep it Under the Rug

Home storage organization doesn’t need to be difficult. There are many ways you can clear up some space and stay on top of the clutter. Maybe a yard sale would be a good place to start, just to get the items to a more manageable level.

It doesn’t take long for items to start taking over the home, and if you sell a product out of your house, it’s important to keep in contained.

If you are trying to organize everything for an upcoming move, please continue reading here for more tips.

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