Special Occasions Jewelry: Why Diamonds Are Perfect Anytime

special occasions jewelry

Planning a wedding or an anniversary? Is your wife’s birthday coming up?

You’ll need a great and memorable gift. When looking for a gift that would be perfect for your loved ones, there might be other gems that you can try out. However, among the best options out there, only one stands out in popularity.

The diamond.

It comes in various forms of jewelry and it is highly valued for its brilliance. Here are a number of reasons why a diamond is a perfect option for special occasions jewelry.

1. Diamonds are Tough

Diamonds are an excellent choice for special occasions jewelry as it holds a variety of properties. This brilliant gemstone is best known for its toughness compared to other minerals and gemstones. In terms of the Mohs Scale of Hardness, the diamond is at the toughest at rank 10.

Another thing of note regarding diamonds and toughness is the origin of the name. It came from the word “adamas”, an ancient Greek word that means “unbreakable” or “untamed”. As a gem with such toughness, it is capable of scratching and cutting glass. As a material, it finds use in various industrial tools.

Whichever the reason, a diamond is a testament to how it is a gem that can stand the test of time.

2. Diamonds are Rare

Aside from the testament that diamonds are tough, it is also of note that they are notably rare as well. No two diamonds are the same. Just like snowflakes, they are different from each other and are one-of-a-kind.

Diamonds are not the type of gemstones that you find on the Earth’s surface. Rather, you find them further underground. Created through high temperatures and pressures under the Earth’s crust. It is from these areas that diamonds get mined and then processed for use as either jewelry or for industrial purposes.

There are also diamonds made synthetically but those are a different matter altogether.

3. Diamonds Come In Different Shapes and Sizes

Speaking of how diamonds are rare, they come in various shapes, sizes, and even cuts. You can differentiate one diamond from another with what they call “the 4C’s of Diamond Quality“, which are as follows:

  • Color
  • Clarity
  • Cut
  • Carat

When it comes to color, diamonds are usually clear and colorless, making them highly regarded and valuable. Due to its purity, these diamonds get sold for the highest prices offered.

Colored variants are also coming into vogue as of late. These diamonds come in various hues and colors like red, green, blue, pink, purple, yellow, green, and even brown diamonds. The basis for value for these diamonds is on the purity, intensity, and color quality.

With clarity, the ideal diamond is free from fractures and inclusions, which are particles of foreign material found in the gem. In this case, a diamond is at its best when there are no impurities in it.

A diamond’s cut is also what makes it brilliant and beautiful. The quality of design and craftsmanship determines the appearance of the diamond. The angles from the cut, proportions, and quality also contribute to how brilliant the stone will be.

Lastly, the basis for selling diamonds is in carats, a weight unit that is equal to a fifth of a gram. Larger diamonds cost more than smaller ones, due to how rare the larger ones are.

4. Diamonds Are Also Symbolic

With its properties now discussed, let us go to the meanings conveyed with diamonds. In general, ancient civilizations view the diamond as a stone with hidden properties and power, making it as good as a lucky charm. But there is more to it than a lucky charm.

In fact, even the shape of the diamond can convey messages to someone whom you are giving it too. Let us go with some of the shapes and reveal what they mean.

4.1. Round Diamonds

Diamonds cut in the round brilliant cut tend to be the first image that comes to mind when people talk about diamonds. This notably popular cut offers the best fire and brilliance, as well as working with most hand shapes. It is the symbol of trust, faithfulness, empathy, and honesty.

4.2. Oval Diamonds

Almost similar to the round cut in terms of cutting style, but with the length and width ratio being different. This cut is perfect for smaller hands, giving the illusion of a slender-looking finger. This cut symbolizes elegance, stability, discipline, and individuality.

4.3. Princess Diamonds

This particular cut has a romantic appearance, perfect for engagement rings in both traditional and modern designs. This exquisite diamond cut symbolizes sensibility, boldness, efficiency in leadership, and order.

4.4. Emerald Diamonds

Rectangular shaped diamonds with beveled corners, these diamonds are easy to recognize due to their rather large surfaces. These kinds of diamonds have a classy, confident, and charming feel to them that they stand for straightforwardness.

5. Perfect Occasions for Diamonds

With their messages and their long-lasting properties, diamonds are perfect for various occasions. The uniqueness and value each diamond hold convey much when given on special days. Here are some occasions where a diamond is the perfect piece of jewelry for that moment.

5.1. Wedding Proposals

Nothing else says magical than a wedding proposal. This encapsulates this moment of love, trust, and commitment than a diamond engagement ring. A perfect style to go with this is the three-diamond ring, which you can read more here.

The best reason to go for the diamond is it means one word to describe what both sides want: forever. A diamond ring punctuates the point in a poignant manner.

5.2. Anniversary

Diamonds still work even after saying “I do”. It is not just the ring that you can go for when giving a diamond gift. You can give diamonds in the form of necklaces, bracelets, and even earrings. It is a great gift to convey how much they are special to you.

So, you can consider getting a diamond and also give a relaxing massage to punctuate the affection.

5.3. Graduations, Promotions, and Birthdays

Milestone moments in life are worth celebrating that even a diamond works for such occasions. For your significant other, sister, daughter, or family friend, a diamond pendant works perfectly for them. Since diamonds last longer, this is a perfect reminder of their achievements and hard work.

For birthdays, while going for one each year is hard for the pockets, try going for certain milestones when giving them diamonds. A pair of diamond earrings for your mother’s birthday is one consideration.

5.4. On Days They Don’t Expect

A diamond is a perfect surprise gift. You can still convey the message to them on how you value and appreciate them. A diamond can make someone feel special when they receive it. So if you have a loved one that you wish to give a piece of diamond jewelry, go ahead.

Get Diamond Jewelry Today!

Due to its brilliance, rarity, and toughness, a diamond is highly esteemed as an option for special occasion jewelry. With diamonds perfectly working on any occasion, consider getting one for your loved ones, whether it is someone in the family or it is for your significant other.

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