Top 10 World’s Most Popular Jeans brands of Men Only!

You hardly know a boy, who don’t wear jeans or doesn’t like to wear it. Obviously, this is something we can’t even think of. Among numerous companies, these most popular jeans brands stand out prominently due to the high-quality products and satisfying service they offer to the consumers.

Including Spellbound, Levi’s, Balmain and other giant fashion houses, these top 10 have made the people agree with the fact that their prices are worth the product they are getting in return. Made up of the best quality cotton and other elements, these denim jeans can be filtered using online customization and are available in lots of beautiful colors demanded by the male segment.

They are based in France, Italy, Japan and other regions of the world and also they have certain outlets across the borders. That’s why they’re popular in the world not just within their countries. They’re immensely comfortable, stylish and above all lavish and luxurious. They’ve been excellently serving their customers and have been gaining their trust since decades. Now, scroll down to look at the classy jeans brands for men

1. Spellbound

SPELLBOUND World’s Most Popular Jeans brands of Men Only
In the tough competition of fashion accessories, Spellbound is the biggest and toughest rival for all the companies. This distinctive brand always keeps the different types, moods, and professions of men and therefore, they design jeans according to those factors. Sewed by the skilled tailors and designed by the creative professionals, these products have still no replacement in the market. Established 36 years ago, it has beaten many ancient fashion houses with its continuous growth and increasing market share. A man at a field or a lover on the date, Spellbound will fulfill every expectation.

2. Rag & Bone

Rag & Bone World’s Most Popular Jeans brands of Men Only
With incredible customization, you can now have your pair of Rag & Bone jeans. Manufactured by the experts and experienced professionals, the jeans are being produced keeping in consideration the taste and preference as well as the innovation. Developed in New York City, this famous brand has been enjoying high sales every year due to the consistent customer satisfaction in terms of product as well as the service. Styles including classic, straight leg, relaxed, slim and other variety is available. Every man deserves to have it in his wardrobe.

3. Balmain

Balmain creates one of the most expensive jeans in the world with the essence of lavishness and sexiness. Jeans of this popular fashion house have been amazingly tailored by the finest experts. With zipped pockets and a variety of sizes, these jeans are enriched with specific details. When taken feedbacks, most of the men have confessed that they always have a feeling of delight and comfort when they wear it. The grace of the product is always visible no matter how large the crowd is.

4. Denim by Vanquish and Fragment

Denim by Vanquish and Fragment World’s Most Popular Jeans brands of Men Only
The collaboration of two powers always make wonders. Vanquish & Fragment has been perceived as the top streetwear brands of the world. At first, Vanquish was doing this alone since 2004 but then it partnered with Fragment and then their teamwork. In the colors of indigo, black, blue and other decent shades, the jeans are primarily made up of cotton. This casual wear has been preferred by numerous men throughout the globe because of the recognition and fame of the brand.

5. Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana World’s Most Popular Jeans brands of Men Only
Dolce and Gabbana were established about more than 30 years ago as one of the organizations that produce lavish jeans and striking apparel. The wardrobe of any man would be honored if a single pair of this jeans would be there. Created from the best materials, the jeans have mesmerizing patterns and patches over them. The diversified range is mind blowing which includes classic, straight leg, slim and other kinds of jeans. Most of the jeans have shaded designs and more than 90%, cotton is used.

6. Levi’s

Levi’s World’s Most Popular Jeans brands of Men Only
Levi’s has an unbreakable network of outlets worldwide. The company was founded 164 years back and since then they have been serving the men with outstanding jeans. This clothing manufacturer has 4800 retail shops in the Middle East, America, Asia and other nations and states of the world. Levi’s jeans can be perceived as the few popular names that are acknowledged and admired by the majority of the world’s population. The magic of this brand is their sustainability and also the innovative part cannot be ignored. They’re available online on different shopping websites.

7. Albam

Albam World’s Most Popular Jeans brands of Men Only
This modern menswear trademark was established in 2006. Grouping with some of the premium professionals and experts in the United Kingdom and European nations, they launch four collections annually for each season. It can be bought online as well as can be purchased by visiting the outlets in four locations at London. The jeans are available in sizes ranging from 28” to 38”. They are being made in England, Portugal and other regions of the world. The fact that they are heavy makes them suitable to be worn on winter or moderate weather.

8. NN.07

NN.07 World’s Most Popular Jeans brands of Men Only
NN.07 is one of the most expensive jeans brands that has been strongly influenced by the confident and brave people. Sweatshirts, T-shirts, trousers and other ready-to-wear have been produced by them. They have slim fit as well as regular fit jeans for men. The items can be filtered by choosing the waist and the size. Mid rise and low rise dyed jeans are available with a unique appearance. Khaki, blue, white and other stylish colors are there whichever boy loves to wear. Not only comfortable, but these products will make you feel fashionable and elegant.

9. Baldwin

Baldwin World’s Most Popular Jeans brands of Men Only
Baldwin has been providing best jeans for men made up of denim fabric. They’re prepared in the United States of America and structured in Kansas City. You can purchase straight as well as slim straight designs. They are carefully customized keeping in view the size of the waist, thighs, and hips of the user. Each item is completed in more than a day because using cotton, elastane, polyurethane and other fabrics. Every item has its own uniqueness with some guidelines on how it should be washed

10. A.P.C.

A.P.C. World’s Most Popular Jeans brands of Men Only
Founded in 1987, APC is French renowned company that manufactures menswear as well there is also a luxurious collection for women. Mostly, people having an artistic nature and a good taste of music prefer to wear their jeans. Apart from jeans, they also produce and sell blouses, shoes, bags, jackets and much more. The color themes of the products have always been up to the mark and the price for every item is worth it. Usually, they are blue, black and grey in color with sufficient pockets.

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